Aconcagua: Checking in from Pampa de Leñas

Posted by: | January 09, 2011
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Elevation: 9,200'

Hi there,

This is Gabi and the RMI Aconcagua team checking in from Pampa de Leñas (9,200’).

We had a great hike today. We started at Punta de Vacas (7,900’) and walked for almost five hours. It was an 8.7 mile hike and the group did a great job keeping a nice and steady pace. During the hike we experienced moments of sunny and cloudy skies, and some showers. Right after we arrived in camp, it started to rain steady for one hour, something that’s pretty unusual around here. This weather was predicted by the forecast and the good news is that it is predicting a sunny day for tomorrow. Perfect for our hike up to Casa de Piedra (Rock house).

The Punta de Vacas Trailhead. Climbers ascending the Vacas Valley towards Pampa de Leñas.

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