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Mt. Rainier: June 22nd Summit!

RMI Guides Brent Okita, Tyler Reid and our Four Day Summit Climb team reached the top of Mt. Rainier today.  The teams climbed in the clouds and have started there descent back to Camp Muir. 


Comments (33)

Sally…congratulations on an incredible achievement! We love you! (Still waiting for the Skype call from the summit…next time, right? Haha!)

Posted by: The Schroeders on

Sally, you made it! God has blessed you so much, He had to bless you this time too.  You and your team are an inspiration to us all.  Love, your Brother Dan

Posted by: Dan on

Patty, Regina, and Sally,
So absolutely proud of you three runners (aka mountain climbers!) What a wonderful day for you! So happy for you!
Great job! Will be very happy to see you three and hear all about your adventure.

Posted by: Arlene on

I knew you would make it to the top!!! Great job, I am sure it was amazing.

Posted by: kim and don on

Olivia and Charlie and all your climbing buddies - can’t wait to hear of your progress! Happy, positive mountain thoughts are going out to you all. I love you! Diane

Posted by: Diane on

Congrats Sally! So happy this journey happened for you. Cannot wait to hear all about it! You rock. Congrats to patty and Regina too, what a great team! Now come back amd stick to running that was scary!

Posted by: Catherine on

Way to go on your climb to the top of the world. Come back safely. Love ya!

Posted by: Boo on

Congratulations Emily, Isaac, and Chase for your successful summit. So proud of you. Looking forward to your return home to West Virginia.

Posted by: Halsey on

Let me re-phrase that!...Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the Ranger who passed away on Thursday saving the climbers who were on the mountain the same day you all were making your ascent.

Posted by: Tish on

Way to go guys!  Safe journey home! We love ya

Posted by: Bryce & Judy on

We continue to be amazed at the climbing and summit accomplishment of this group. Well done Chase, Isaac, Emily Joy, Tommy, and Suzanne for reaching the top…and congrats to the other four for your journey…
Our hearts and prayers go out to the Ranger’s family and friends who passed away on Thursday saving the climbers who were on the mountain the same day you all were making your ascent. Rest well tonight!

Posted by: Tish on

Sally, I am very proud of you, you did it? Got to tell me all about it!

Posted by: Sylvia on

Congratulations - you did it!! What an awesome accomplishment Sally - we are so proud of you. Can’t wait to hear all the details of your adventure. Have a safe trip home. God bless you always!! Luv you!

Posted by: Maribel on

Congratulations Jon!  Amazing accomplishment.  Be safe, I know your mom is ready to have you home!!

Posted by: Alecia on

WOW WOW WOW—it’s official I see your name on the SUMMIT REGISTRY—SALLY I am so proud of you and I admire you so much!!!  Love you—cannot wait to see you!!! You are a part of history!!!

Congrats to the BFFMGs—Patty and Regina thanks for being a part of such a memorable time for Sally.

Posted by: Amelia on

YOU DID IT!  I had no doubt .... Love you more than a world full!  See you tomorrow night at home in Knoxville!!!

Posted by: Nana on

Congrats Sally, Regina, and Lori!  I’m soooo happy for all of you!  I’ve been praying for your safe return.  Can’t wait to talk!  Love you lots!

Posted by: Marilu on

Congrats. you and your team Jon!  You need to hurry back home now as your Mother is about to go nuts on us here at the firm!  Just kidding!  But, she is wanting you back home and I don’t blame her!  Be safe!

Posted by: Jeannie Pilkenton on

Congratulations! I’m so happy for the BFFMG’s! Regina, come home safe and soon. Buster and I miss you terribly.

Posted by: Bill on

Congrats Emily Joy! So proud and impressed! Come back safely!

Posted by: Mendy on

WOW.  You’re living high in the sky. Congratulations to the West Virginia team.

Posted by: Grandy on

I meant Congrats to Sally, Regina and Patty (not Lori)—sorry I am so excited for you ;)

Posted by: Amelia on

WOW Thank You Lord!!!  Prayed for you every single day so that you would reach the heavens Sally!!  Love you so much!!  You are the wind beneath my wings!!! You are AMAZING!!!
Regina and Lori I am so happy the BFFMGs made this journey together—you are all AMAZING!!!! 
Can’t wait to see the experience in your faces.  Way to Go Ladies!!!

Posted by: Amelia on

Good job Emily. Tell Isaac, Chase, and Mr. McKown well done. I wonder if the
mountain made you anymore of an intellectual. Climb down safely.
Love, Isabel.

Posted by: Isabel S. on

Congratulations to all of you. To the West Virginia contingency; how was it up there in the Pacific Coast heavens. Say hey to my Emily Joy! And remember who gave you the spirit, the desire and the love for climbing! Love Mom, Dad and Isabel.

Posted by: Tish Whitney on

We are so proud of you Sally!!  You are amazing!!  Can’t wait to hear you tell your adventure. We love you..so incredibly excited for you!

Posted by: Sue on

Jon - Great job!!!!!  Hurry back so we can eat German!!! Love from your Pa!!

Posted by: Louie Smith on

Congratulations!! You did it!! Be careful and safe on the way down.

Posted by: David and Jan Tanner on

Congratulations BFFMG’S!!!  Sally your dream has become a reality!  I love you and I am so blessed to have such an incredible sister!!  I can imagine you at the summit!!  Dad right by your side…que flacita pero muy fuerte!!

Posted by: Hilda on

Congrats!!  We can’t wait to have you back in Knoxville!!  Please be careful and enjoy yourself!!  We love & miss you!!

Posted by: Uncle Scott, Aunt Suzanne, Braylon, Nana, Conor & on

Hi Jon!  Yes ... this is your Mama!  I am sooooo very proud of you!!!  This is a journey you will never forget ... continue to be safe and smart, as I know you will until you have completed the climb!  I love you and so excited for you and I am so ready for you to be back home!!!!  I love you so much!

Posted by: Paige Conley-Smith on

Yay!!! Hurry home…we miss you and love you JOn!!! :)

Posted by: Samantha on

Hurray for a summit!  Come back safely.  Love you boys!

Posted by: Julie Olson on

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