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Mt. McKinley: Knoff & Team Resting

Today is number six on the mountain and the first solely designated to rest.  As discovered on day one of our long journey together, having fun is as necessary as being organized, fit and compatible. 

This morning the gang was allowed to sleep until their natural alarm clock pulled them from dreams of family, beer and showers.  Six inches of fresh snow blanketed our camp here at 11,000 feet so we were all pleased to be staying put.  Once all gathered in our perfectly designed cook tent, two hours were killed flipping flap jacks and drinking coffee.  Now we have moved on to lunch where singing every song to Michael Jackson’s Thriller album has trumped all else.  There is not an unhappy soul in the group.  Mike would like to wish mamma and papa Uchal safe travels on their adventure to Russia and beyond.

RMI Guide Adam Knoff

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Comments (22)

Singin MJ???  Has Gords schooled you all in the finer moves of the Thriller choreography??  When you run put of MJ Gords may treat you to some spot on GnR!  Could make for a loooong rest day!  Cheers everyone. The Reisers in N.Conway, NH

Posted by: Petah Reisah on

Hi Michael,  Hope you guys all enjoyed your day of rest.  I am sure it was well deserved. Just wanted to tell you that your Dad is very jealous that you are surrounded by all that snow and cold :)  Stay strong and safe.  Love you. P.S. Jess says “HI”

Posted by: Dad & Lynne on

D.G. Sounds like all is going good.Waiting for another post. What MJ song did you sing?

Posted by: Caroline on

Mike(y)!  I’m trying to picture you singing MJ songs..hmmm.. nope, still can’t do it.  Hope you are enjoying your challenge.  Don’t worry about work - Shamu and Shen are cleaning up the daily spills.  Ooops - not suppose to tell you that.  Bring home you and all your body parts and a crap load of great stories and photos!  hugs - ooops. you don’t hug.. VQ

Posted by: Vespa Queen on

Hi John - Glad to see you are progressing up the mountain and based on what I have read it has been a good trip - Love the photos and think of you often more or less wondering what you are getting to see/ experience on any given day. Hope you and your team are loving the experience and wish you all a safe journey up and down. Be safe and have a blast - Brian

Posted by: Brian on


So good to hear your voice!  You sound strong, happy, and energized.  Photos are beautiful and it is so wonderful to hear the updates…thank you Adam! John..know you are loved. With you every step, Dee

Posted by: Deann on

TM, sounds like you are having a great time. We have been following the blog here at the office.  Everything is well here.  Stay healthy and be safe.

Posted by: Chrissy on

It seems like this Mike guy has been getting the most love, so to balance things out I want it known that Chris has friends too.  Or I mean two, he has two friends. I’m one of them. Go Chris!

Posted by: Woodsy on

Missing you, Nels!! Hope all is well up there! Sounds like a good day to write! PS ALMOST DONE WITH GATSBY!

Posted by: Erica on

Kristina - What a fantastic trip!  And what a treat for us to be able to follow you on-line.  Have a wonderful time, have a safe trip and bring Mike to Cody sometime if you can!

Posted by: Jim and Fickle on

Camping and singalongs? Wow, Gords really found his sweet spot.  No wonder he was so excited for this trip.  If anyone has any GnR up there, his rendition of Rocket Queen isn’t to be missed. Enjoying the updates, gang. Keep them coming and be safe.


Posted by: Bd on

Things I’ve borrowed since you left,
cordless drill
3/8” drill bit
Large Phillips head screw driver
Small Phillips head screw driver
Really small flat head screwdriver
more staples
35 manila folders
Box of cleanEx
Iphone charging cord
HP reverse polish notation calculator
Blue Sharpie
Pad of post-it notes
Tape Measure
Several Band-aids (assorted sizes)
Dab of antibacterial ointment

Posted by: shamu on

Hi Mike.  Nice to be able to follow your progress. Looks like all is going well. Returned from AZ yesterday. Enjoyed a climb to the summit of Humphreys Mt.(12,637)on Mon.  Best of luck on your climb.  Dexter

Posted by: Dexter Robinson on

Love the updates! Hope you enjoyed sleeping in. You package from Shirley and CE arrived so you will have more adventure reading in store at the end of the summer and if you want to plug in, your computer and iPad is due here on the 5th! Now if you only hear news from the “sorting hat” your month will be complete!

Love, Mom

Posted by: Jennifer on

John, Received the package last night and read the book cover to cover. Shannon is not only a talented artist and story teller, her resolve to carve out life partnering with nature is remarkable. I can see your fasination with Alaska. Watching you travels. Embrace the moments. Love Jill

Posted by: Jill on

Tim,  your sweet voice filled my soul!  When I heard the first two words (Hi Baby)  I almost melted into a big puddle on the floor : )  Best thing I’ve heard in a week.  I love you, and please tell Adam “thank you” from a very grateful wife.

I love you, Sweetie, and think of you constantly. 

Posted by: Deb McLaughlin on

I hope someone brought some sticks to shred that freshie. Also, I’m sure next up on the singalong will be some D. I assume that cooking tent has a side hatch…
Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Ryan on

Great to hear your voice today, Boo! We are following your adventure from sea level!


Steph & Oz

Posted by: Stephanie on

Hi Mike,  Love being able to hear how you guys are doing.  All my friends ask me everyday about your hike.  I am proud of you.  Being able to send messages and hear from you is like I have your back.  My hand is on your shoulder.  Love you! Keep up your strength.

Posted by: Mom on

Hi Mike. The pictures are fantastic!! We set one on our desktop. I am so relieved to hear that everything is going well so far. Praying for you all and wishing you the best. Miss you. Love, Cheri

Posted by: Cheri on

Thinking about you Tim McLaughlin and all those with you! So awesome that you are living your dream! You are an ispiration to me.. Can’t wait to se more pics..Love ya, Kim

Posted by: Kim McLaughlin on

Tim we have been following your progress up the mountain. Just amazing!!! Think of you everyday!! Love you, your cousin Kathy.

Posted by: Kathy Christensen on

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