Aconcagua: Justman & Team Check in from Camp 1

Posted by: JJ Justman, Geoff Schellens | December 12, 2012
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Elevation: 16,500'

Audio 1: Hello everyone at the RMI bloggers following Team One on Aconcagua. We are happy to report that we are up at Camp One. We actually had to make our camp a little higher. It was a little busy lower down at Camp One, but we have the upper camp at 16,500’ all to ourselves. As a matter of fact this camp is so nice, we have a sit down toilet. So, the entire team is doing real well. It’s a little bit of work to get up here, but everyone’s feeling great. The agenda right now is to make sure that tents are buttoned down for heavy winds. However, right now we have very light winds…  We’re going to get a hot breakfast… (satellite connection lost)

Audio 2:  Hey, this is J.J. again with Team One on Aconcagua.  Just to let everyone out there know.  We have a lot of gear so we kind of thinned our communications down.  We just have a SAT phone up here so we are going to be giving our blog via voice with Google voice and it’ll be transcribed. So it may cut out, we’ll try to do our best to give you some entertaining updates but everyone is just doing fantastic up here at 16,500’. We’ll talk with you guys tomorrow. Everyone says hello to family and friends, and please follow along.  We’ll touch base tomorrow.  Ciao from Argentina Camp One.

RMI Guide JJ Justman

Carrying loads through the snow penitentes towards Camp 1.  Photo: Tyler Reid Views of the mountains above Camp 1.

JJ Justman from Aconcagua Camp 1.

JJ continued from Aconcagua Camp 1.

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Robert make sure you say hi to God when you reach the top for me.  Can’t wait to celebrate upon your return. Hang in there!

Posted by: pat ward on 12/12/2012 at 4:03 pm

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