Ecuador Seminar: Team Celebrates in Quito

Posted by: Adam Knoff, Casey Grom | January 14, 2013
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Domingo.  This is the Spanish equivalent to Sunday.  And as we all know, on the seventh day of God’s exhausting work week he rested.  Granted he did create all living things, the land and sea as well as the heavens so deservingly so he earned the right to sit on the couch and mourn a Green Bay packers loss.  Our team simply climbed a 19,000 foot mountain which God would dismiss as child’s play but we are mere mortals.  Regardless, Sunday greeted our freshly washed group at La Cienega with beautiful sunshine and happy humming birds.  After breakfast we loaded the van and rolled back to Quito to celebrate Ginger and Albert’s time with us.  By mid afternoon the team had sniffed out the most American sports bar this side of the amazon and watched what us gringos consider “real” football.  Jaime keeps calling it hand ball and for some reason I can’t find a witty comeback.  All I can say is God is a Green Bay packer fan.  After football we rested some more and then headed out for our fair well dinner.  We have all passed this one Mexican restaurant with a short mariachi man standing on the corner blowing a toy trumpet trying to persuade any hungry looking gringo into his place.  Because I seem to promise this funny little guy we will come in next time, I figured it would be bad karma to pass him up again.  So Mexican it was.  Sadly they can’t serve beer after 4pm on Sundays because too many people were getting sloshed after church and crashing their cars, so I had to sooth my jalapeƱo burns with red wine.  The food turned out to be great so the team went back to the hotel content.  We now head south to Chimborazo.  Albert and Ginger, we will miss you.  Wish us luck. 

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