Aconcagua: Van Deventer & Team Carry to Camp 2

Posted by: Pete Van Deventer, Leon Davis, Mike King | January 28, 2013
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Elevation: 16,200'

Last night was a windy one, though when we woke we realized that it sounded much worse inside the tents than it was outside. A couple centimeters of new snow fell overnight freshening up our surroundings, but it was quickly transported by the wind with much of it ending up in the vestibules of our tents. With some sun above and winds not too bad, we decided to make our carry to Camp 2 to cache food and personal gear. As we hoped, the winds stayed relatively light, and we had a pleasant climb. Throughout this climb, we have been just behind a large crowd, so that we hear rumors of camps being full, but arrive to find them deserted. It appeared today that everyone had just vacated Camp 2 for high camp. This works in our favor as we don’t have to fight for tent sites.

As we began our descent, the winds strengthened, with several strong gusts. We were all happy to get back to the tents and crawl into fluffy sleeping bags for the afternoon to recover from yet another big effort. With a great meal of tortellini sticking to our ribs, everyone is psyched for the scheduled rest day tomorrow.


Aconcagua Campo Uno residents

An RMI Team climbing above Camp 1. Photo: RMI Collection

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  Hey Pete…Another 2012 Climber checking in…Great to read your colorful 2013 accounts…Spent last three weeks daily reading my journal entries from last year…Why is your name on every other page !...Thx again for all your support…Godspeed…Waltero

Posted by: Waltero on 1/29/2013 at 7:33 am

Hi Pete!
Hard to believe it’s been a year since we were down there together (makes me want to start coughing).  I leave in two weeks to join Casey Grom on Kilimanjaro.

I wish you and the team a safe journey up and down that big rock pile.

-Larry Seaton

Posted by: Larry Seaton on 1/28/2013 at 5:16 pm

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