Mt. McKinley: Mike Walter and Team Retrieve their Cache

Posted by: Mike Walter, Solveig Waterfall, Ben Liken | May 22, 2013
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Elevation: 14,200'

The weather was beautiful today, sunny and warm, and barely a breath of wind. We took a quick trip back to Windy Corner (13,600’) to retrieve the cache we left there well over a week ago. The hike back to the cache took us 15 minutes, and about an hour to ascend back to the 14,200’ camp that we established yesterday. The rest of the day was spent buffing out camp and practicing fixed rope travel techniques in preparation for tomorrow. Tomorrow we plan on carry supplies up above 16,000’ to get ready for our summit bid. The weather looks good for the next few days; hopefully the forecast pans out. Tomorrow will be two weeks into our expedition, and we’re all excited to get up high soon.

We’ll let you know how our carry goes. Stay tuned…

RMI Guide Mike Walter & Team

Windy Corner - RMI Photo Collection Cache at Windy Corner - RMI Photo Collection

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