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Mt. McKinley: Jones & Team Rest and Relax at 11,000’

Yesterday’s carry to 14,000’ left many members of the team knackered, so today is a very relaxing rest day in our well-appointed camp at 11,000’.  A leisurely morning was the main agenda, with coffee, bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon on the breakfast menu. A pan of hash browns and cheese is on deck for the afternoon snack. 

The posh house, our group meeting location, kitchen, and dining room is in heavy use today, with its many panel seams radiating out from the center pole like the legs of an octopus. Under its protective canopy we’ve been solving the various problems of the world and making sure we stay hydrated. Team members drift in and out, while conversation and laughter drifts across camp.

Fortunately the light snow we have had the past couple of days is tapering off, and the sun is working to dry out our moist sleeping bags and tents. We are conserving our energy for tomorrow’s move to 14K camp, which will put us over the halfway mark and in good position for the higher reaches of the mountain.

Climbing a mountain like Denali is a long process, and taking time to get to know one another is a big part of that. Today’s rest is allowing the team to strengthen our group dynamic, and get to know each other more intimately. What started as a group of strangers more than a week ago is quickly morphing into a solid team of friends, ready to tackle the rest of the “Great One.”

But we’ll leave the hard work for tomorrow, and enjoy the down time today. Stay tuned for more!

Dan, Robin, Jess, James, Lori, Justin, Tyler and Garrett

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Comments (10)

So glad to hear the weather has improved and the sky is being kind to you guys!Hope the spirits stay high and every one stays safe. Love you Robin.

Posted by: Lisa on

Thinking of you, Lori.  Thankful for these e-mails, I look forward to them each day.  Met Wendy by chance at Culvers, special.  Keep having good weather, and good luck to you all.  Mom

Posted by: Fern Hansen on

Hey Robin!  Well, after hearing some of your climbing stories when we were roomies, I hope to hear all about the latest chapter when you get back!  As I am whimpering about losing my umbrella and earwig season, I am humbled when I look at your pictures and hear about your daily adventures and accomplishments!  Keep up the good work and enjoy those quesadillas (sound yummy)!  You didn’t happen to smuggle 5lbs of Twizzlers, did you? :-)

Posted by: Jade on

Hi dad (Dan) I hope you guys are doing well and having fun. I miss you I can’t wait to see you soon. I wish every one good luck. Love you dad. 

Posted by: Wendy kolosar on

Robin and Team,
Haven’t heard the word “knackered” in quite a while! Everyone must be totally bushed after your climb to 14…. Glad you are having a leisurely day to re-coup. I hope the weather continues to improve for your move to 14. We think about you everyday. Hope you all rest well and eat well for tomorrows climb. Stay warm and stay safe. Good luck.

Matt -1

Posted by: Matt Prosser on

James - You are having a banner year ! Go - go + Godspeed. I head back to Rainier Tuesday. Walter

Posted by: walter glover on

Knackered, Octopus, and Moist are my guesses for the random words.  Y’all stay safe and climb strong!

Posted by: Amy on

Sweet pictures! Certainly sounds like you guys are eating well! :) Robin: Shared your progress today at the D0G farewell at Diesel’s. It was 88 and humid as all. Sure that you don’t miss that right this moment. Also, have some weird tropical storm drifting in the Gulf.. 5 days after the start of the hurricane season. Don’t worry, doesn’t really look threatening for us. Hope you guys continue to do well as you continue your journey. Keep the updates coming! :)

Posted by: Terri on

Hi Jess, me again! Glad to hear team doing great. Get some good rest, and best of luck on your next segment.
All is great here, the girls and I miss you! Keep up the great work.

Posted by: Hector on

I’m glad to hear that the team is taking a well deserved rest! Please solve all the world problems for us working stiffs!!  Hi dad it’s Nathan. I hope you are having fun. I’m thinking of you, I hope your thinking of us.  Love you, can’t wait to see you.-kolosars

Posted by: Wendy kolosar on

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