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Mt. McKinley: Jones & Team Send Greetings from 14,000’

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Today we are all contributing to the blog. Have had big winds once again and are fixing our kitchen tent and building more walls -  getting a little stir crazy!  Hope you all enjoy the words from each of us!

Hi to my family, I love you all hope to give grandpa a hi five soon! Kiss to Bean. Love,  Ty

Hello to all my family and friends! Kisses to Amy, a big scratching behind the ears to Barley, Blue, and Miles. Thanks for all the positive wishes!  -g

Wendy, Taylor and Nathan.
Love and miss you. I hope you feel my hugs and kisses at bedtime.  Be home soon. Love Dad

Dear Michelle,
I love you and miss you and the girls so very much.  Please give all of my love to A-Bear and K-Bear, and tell them daddy will be home soon.  Also, pass along my love to my mom, dad, Clubbie and Chevy.  Love, Justin.

To my Hubby,
I hope you’re flying high this week and passing all your tests.  I really really miss you right now. Give my love and lots of treats to the girls :) Until i get home i’ll leave you with reflections of a week at 14,200. To quote the crew from BBT"It was a snowy nightmare from whence there’s no return.” Tiamo mi amore-Jess

To my family and friends, thanks for all of the support, love and prayers.  I am “living the dream” at 14K. The DeLorme transceiver is no longer working, thus no updates there. I love you, Matt!  You are my light. I love you Mom, Dad, Bud and all my family. Stump, there was a C-17 overhead yesterday—your handiwork? ;)  Dad, sadly there is no Denali branch of Subway, but I’m sure you can petition corporate headquarters as one of their most valuable customers. :)  Bernard and Judy, the boots are fantastic and keeping my feet warm, thank you!  I love you all and miss you all so much. -Robin

Friends, family, countrymen, lend me your ear!  The Denali wind gods have saddled us at 14000.  The team is at the mercy of Mother Nature and patience is the name of the game.  It also means my work schedule is a bit hosed.  Team PCET don’t count on me coming in next week!  Poof - ha!  To all loved ones we are sitting strong and doing well.  Hope to see you soon.  James.

Hello to my dear family Mom Dad Sue Ryan Mia Ron Jodi Dannie Casey Nell Meg Ivy Maggie and awesome friends from frosty Denali!  Thanks for all the comments and positive vibes sent!  Love you and miss you!!  All is good here - hoping our “out chilling” will soon end and we can move up the mtn in the am.  Hope all is well with all you!  Have I told you that I love and miss you?  :)  I do!  Lori

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Comments (8)

Hurry home. You are missed. Michelle and I are already planning our girls trip. Love you Clubbie.

Posted by: Kathy Guyette on

Now this is what I call a 14er “Ground Hogs’ Day experience…reliving it over and over! How fun…each day you can make it more perfect and more perfect then you can proceed to summit!~ Remember, Lori, we all expect you having a jumping picture on top of North America :)! Have fun mountain bonding!!!

Posted by: Sue Lopez on

Enough meditation on Denali? Hope you can go for the summit with full speed soon and come home with lots of good memories and awesome pictures to share. Love, mom and dad, Gus too… barking.

Posted by: Soonja Choo on

Stay warm and think good thoughts.  Can’t wait to hear about your adventures on McKinley.  Come home safely!
Love, Susie, Peter, Jackson and Audrey

Posted by: The Scotts on

Robin - We watch the blog every day.  So happy your are living your long time dream.  Michael says “Hi”  and Holly has grown a snow cap on her head for you.

Posted by: Mom on

Choo-SO…the balmy winds and weather of Denali have you delayed? I warned you about the weather there. I’m sure you are rested and tanned by now, LOL. I’m not worried about the work schedule,as long as you are back by Friday! It’s still all about me at 14,000. Stay safe and bring back an amazing pic of the summit. Kendra

Posted by: Kendra on

Robin, That’s funny… I thought I was living the dream… NSTR here, just computer coding and more computer coding. I hope you get to move today…. you must have quite a snow fort built up by now. I miss you very much and can’t wait for you to come home… I made the reservations at Whataburger for our anniversary, so all is set for your return… Be safe. Love, Matt

Posted by: Cleveland on

hoping for more favorable winds for you all and a more appropriate flyby is in work i think…


Posted by: stump on

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