Mt. Elbrus: Grom & Team Enjoy View of Mt. Elbrus

Posted by: Casey Grom | July 09, 2013
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Elevation: 10,000'

It was a beautiful day in Cheget today and we made the most of it. We started the day with a nice breakfast of porridge, eggs and fresh juice, then headed out to stretch our legs a bit. Being that this is a ski town in the winter, we took advantage of the chairlifts and rode them up to about 10,000ft to start our hike. The team hiked for a little over an hour to reach a sub-summit of Cheget Peak. The team did great on our first acclimatization hike and spent about 20 minutes on top to enjoy the view (our first of Mt. Elbrus). Again the team did great descending down the mountain side all the way back to town where we stopped in at a local cafe for lunch. Shortly after lunch we headed over to the gear shop for a few last minute items and have settled in back in our cosy hotel.

Things look good on the mountain and we’re even heard that climbing conditions are great too. Two of RMI’s great guides Mark Tucker and Jeff Justman aka JJ are also in town after two successful climbs. It was a pleasure to see them and hear about their climbs too.

RMI Guide Casey Grom and crew

Utilizing the chair lifts in the Baksan Valley to assist in acclimatization.  Photo: Casey Grom The RMI Mt. Elbrus July 5th team gathered for a meal in Cheget at the base of Mt. Elbrus.  Photo: Casey Grom

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