Vinson Massif: Hahn & Team Back in Punta Arenas

Posted by: Dave Hahn | November 25, 2013
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We ended our pre-climb road trip today, cruising back to Punta Arenas from Puerto Natales.  Things haven’t progressed a great deal on the logistical front.  We were invited around to a social gathering at the offices of ALE, where we met and mingled with the other passengers on our hoped-for flight.  In addition to the climbing teams, there were several groups intent on going overland to the South Pole by various means.  We were hosted by the friendly staff and directors of Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions.  One of the directors, Mike Sharp, gave a brief talk and slideshow as to the weather outlook and the chances for flying in the next few days.  There are possibilities.

Best Regards,
RMI Guide Dave Hahn

Puerto Natales, Chile. Photo: Dave Hahn Scenic views going back to Punta Arenas. Photo: Dave Hahn The mountains await. Photo: Dave Hahn

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