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Aconcagua: Beren & Team Make Their Move to High Camp

Greetings from high camp at 19,600 ft!  Today we made use of a good forecast and the first break in the wind in recent memory to move up. Now we are in striking distance of the top, getting ready for dinner before an early bedtime. The team again performed well getting here and if this calm weather holds, we will go for the top tomorrow!  We’ve enjoyed everyone’s comments and the crew is in great spirits having put forth an impressive effort so far. With any luck we will only head uphill for one more day before starting the long return to Mendoza. Wish us luck!

RMI Guide Jake Beren

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Comments (25)

Go, Bill, Go.  Amazing.  Can’t wait to hear all about it!

Posted by: Sylvia Stanley on

Go for it Bill.  Good luck

Posted by: steve on

Congratulations on an amazing ascent. You are remarkable.

Posted by: Beth on

Hello Monica,
Seeing you on top of the North and South American world
is a proud moment indeed.
Great job to you and everyone involved.


Posted by: JIM GENTLE on


You will touch the peak of the mountain and your victory you will broadcast.  The daunting challenge your unyielding soul will have surpassed.

I love you


Posted by: Sherri on

Bill—Hope the weather holds for you & team for the summit attempt, may the mountain welcome all of you and that all of you reach your dream!  Hugs, Leeza & Ken

Posted by: Leeza & Ken on

Bill and buddies….excellent day to summit.  Your friends are pulling for each of you every step of the way.  With best wishes, MJ

Posted by: MJ Hartwell on


Praying to the weather gods for a calm summit forecast. Hope the views for all are spectacular!

Hike well and be safe.

Your proud family.

Posted by: The Gately's on

Getting way high!!!  Tell us about the views.
What an amazing adventure. You all rock.

Posted by: Marie on

Best wishes to all for today’s climb. What a rush !!!!  Cassandra, sending all our energy and prayers , climb hard and safe, it’s yours for the taking. Je t’aime beaucoup ma belle,Bonne chance !!!!
Dad & Kevin

Posted by: Jean Poirier on

The best to all on your summit climb today.  Our prayers and wishes are with all, enjoy the top of the world

Posted by: Terry Kramer on

Congratulations on successfully reaching high camp! Hoping the winds stay calm and everyone summits tomorrow. Good Luck!!! Monica, can’t wait to hear all about it!!

Posted by: Leslie M on

Bill and Team,







Posted by: Fred on

Way to go you guys!  What a view you must have!  i hope someone is taking lots of pictures!  I hope you all make it safely to the top and back down again.  Happy new year!

Posted by: Corinne on

Keep on crampon!

Posted by: cindy hoyt on

I am in awe…hang in there…I am pulling for you, Bill, along with your team…Molly and Ed and Doug all say go, go, go….We are behind you!  xx

Posted by: ShirleyBonney on

Very exciting! May the calm prevail and you have a beautiful climb to the top. You’re already totally awesome at 19,600 ft. All fingers and toes are crossed here.

Posted by: Marianne and John on

Best wishes to the team from WBYeats:  “. . . take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountain like a flame.”  Power on, you are all so close to your goal.

Posted by: nsb on

Bill -
Wow!  Almost there.  Here’s hoping the weather holds for you.  Climb Strong and Happy New Year!

Posted by: Russ Seitz on

Sending good thoughts for a summit tomorrow! Everyone be safe and tell Monica hello from Boise!

Posted by: Kate on

Hey Bill! You folks are so close! I’ll get a bottle of Argentine Malbec ready to toast you with friends here on Vashon for tomorrow night. So proud of you… Love, Norm

Posted by: Norm Vork on

Strong work team! Also tell Monica hello and everyone here is sending lots of positive energy your way for your attempt to the top!

Posted by: Melissa Ritter on


Awesome news!  I’m thinking about you and cannot wait to hear about the climb. I love you and miss you bunches.  143


Posted by: sherri on

Way to go everyone!!!  Say hi to Monica and tell her we are sending her all our best from Boise!  Buena suerte with the weather and the attempt for the top tomorrow!

Posted by: Ivory on

So very proud of all you. Best wishes to get to the top. Fletch

Posted by: Fletch on

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