Mexico’s Volcanoes: Knoff and Team Hike La Malinche

Posted by: Adam Knoff | March 03, 2014
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Elevation: 14,636'

Buenos Dias from Team Mexico, 

We are all tucked in safe and sound at La Malintzi resort a few hours down the road from this planet’s second largest metropolis, Mexico City.  Of course half the time getting here is spent literally getting the 20 kilometers out of town but witnessing the traffic of Mexico City is a great adventure in and of itself. 

Our morning started as most mornings do.  Coffee, breakfast and lots of Europeans.  Well the European thing probably more so in Europe but the hotel did feel very international.  After food and packing it was off to our first mountain, La Malinche.  At a height just higher than Mt. Rainier, reaching the summit was not our primary objective.  Starting our at 10,000 feet and cranking out 4500 vertical feet on our first go seemed a touch ambitious.  Although we did crest the 14k height, we left the summit in peace because of tired legs and threatening storm clouds.  The hike was beautiful nonetheless.  Everyone did great and are bonding well as a team.  Now we are ready for bed and the move to bigger mountains tomorrow.

Until Then, this is team Mexico saying good night. 

RMI Guide Adam Knoff & Team

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