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Mt. Everest: Dress Rehearsal through the Khumbu Icefall

Today was an exciting day! The entire team did a “live” rehearsal. What does that mean? Well…the team awoke at 3AM and slid on stiff boots and warm clothing, had a quick but nutritious breakfast and then began climbing the icefall with our headlamps lighting the way.

Climbing in the Khumbu Icefall is impossible to describe. It is impossible to relay what it’s like through photos and videos. However, the best I can say is it is simply spectacular! Giant blocks of ice tower above as you bob and weave, slice and dice your way through the giant maze.

The entire team did absolutely great! This “dry run” of going through half of the icefall inspires confidence so the next time we get up at 3AM we will all be ready and rearing to go through the entire icefall and occupy Camp One at 20,000 feet.

For now however, we are all happy and content after another great lunch with culinary masterpieces allowing us to fully recover. Next, a little tent time to rest these weary bones.

RMI Guide JJ Justman

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Comments (19)

Nicole and team. We are so thankful that you and the team are safe and praying for the missing climbers.Your family are all sending you strngth and love. We love you so much Nicole, please take care of yourself. Spoke to dad, brothers, cousins, and we are praying for your safety. Aunt Mimi is with me now. Your loving Aunt Ginny

Posted by: ginny marasco on

Nicole Lobiondo: Wonderful to hear you are all safe and staying confident. You are in great hands and praying for you all. You got this! Love, Nicole

Posted by: Nicole Howard on

Whoa…watching the news….So sad to hear about the avalanche…but soooooo happy you are all safe.  Fatima and JJ…I want to climb many mountains with you.  Del Brown and I are signed up for Acacongua with JJ for Dec 13…

Posted by: Debbi on

Nic, sal just called me about avalanche…hope you and team are ok… Let us know… I know you are good…. I just know! Love ya…

Posted by: Taddeo on

I’m sure this avalanche puts everyone in a somber mood. Very sad and scary.  But please stay focused and safe! Nicole Lobiondo is my rock star.

Posted by: Nicole Pizzuti on

Nicole…Just read about the Avalanche on CNN News.. I hope you and you team are all ok and safe.. I will be following the blog all day waiting for updates.

Posted by: Michael Maruka on

Dave,  i hope u & others are doing OK after avalanche.  I figure u r helping set up lines.  News says 14 sherpas dead—prayers to their families.  Safe travels to all.

Posted by: Mary C on

We heard about the avalanche and hope you are safe!
Nina & Rick

Posted by: nina on

I’m reading some crazy stuff…. Jumping off Everest in a gliding suit? As if climbing Everest isn’t enough?! Let Darwin take care of that one. Avalanche? I knew it was certainly a possibility, but one I didn’t want to think about. I’ll tune in now for updates. Ditto on the Kara comment - miss her face! I need her back safe so she can fulfill her auntie duties and change poopy diapers! Love Dixie

Posted by: Dixie Trunko on

Chooie, your friends at FSWOSC are thankful you are safe and pray for your continued safety! Praying your way to the top from Knoxville!

Posted by: Chris Barton on

Missed your call.  Signed up for Everest email alert. Following blog. Praying for all climbers on the mountain. Be safe. Love, SC

Posted by: Soonja Choo on

Spencer hope all is well, I know your probably vibing so hard. Photos look amazing, can’t wait to hear all your crazy stories. Always thinking about you, be safe! I will continue checking for your guys updates.

Posted by: Gio on

Just checking in about the Avalanche. Hope everyone is ok.

Posted by: Todd hayes on

Hoping your team is doing well.  praying for all.

Rachael ABQ uptown r985 NM/CO

Posted by: Rachael C. Lujan on

I’m hoping everyone is okay! Just read CNN article of an avalanche… Please update as soon as possible praying for the best for all climbers on the mountain!

Posted by: Katy Kaufman on

Hi Guys and Gals -

Got some news for you on the film crews. Just saw something on TV about a guy who is planning to jump off of Everest in a gliding suit.  The planned day is May 11th (weather permitting).
I’m concerned that with this circus atmosphere developing over there that somebody’s going to get screwed up.  Be careful and play it safe !!!!!

-Larry Seaton

Posted by: Larry Seaton on

James:got your VM Thursday night. Sorry I was asleep. Thanks for the call. Be safe.  Darla

Posted by: darla sorah on

Hao: Great to hear the live rehearsal went well. It’s getting more real by the day. Enjoy your rest day tomorrow! M came to work with me today and we had a great time! -FX

Posted by: FX on

Hey where is Kara? We want pictures of the team! Cleveland is following!

Posted by: Susan Moses on

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