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Mt. McKinley: Jones & Team - Patience Delivers the Summit

June 21, 2014 - 2:56 am PT

Well, you probably heard our summit phone call from earlier today, so this is just the follow-up to that. We had a heck of a day here in the high altitudes of North America, rising from the tents early this morning to cold temperatures, light winds, and high clouds. We decided that it was going to be a day for an attempt, and once we had basked in the sun for a bit we headed over to the shade of the Autobahn. Two hours later we had passed the difficulties of the pickets and the exposure below, and we stepped out around Denali Pass.

The weather was still a bit in and out, but the No Troubles crew was moving well so we kept at it. Up steep rolls, over undulating terrain, and higher and higher we climbed. We passed familiar landmarks as the day went on, like Zebra Rocks, Archdeacon’s Tower, the Football Field, and finally crested onto the summit ridge in cold wind and clear blue skies. Late this afternoon, we reached the highest point on this continent, and emotions ran high as we hugged, high-fived, and snapped photos. Jake’s team came up onto the top just as we were getting ready to head down, and we were thrilled to share that special moment with them.

This team has had a full value experience, especially with all the uncertainty and waiting that we’ve endured. Now it’s time for one last hot drink and then into the bag for a much-deserved rest. Down tomorrow, hopefully the weather holds for a flight soon!


RMI Guides Tyler, Geoff, Garrett and the No Troubles team

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Comments (17)

Congratulations!!  We were there in ‘96 with RMI in total whiteout.  Enjoy the views!!!

Posted by: Keith on

Jennifer - Congrats on your successful climb. Jacob

Posted by: Jacob on

Amazing work, Team!! Congratulations on a well deserved summit and safe travels home. Jen, you’re a total rock star - can’t wait to hear all about it!

Posted by: Elisabeth Bothwell on

Congrats, Dave and team. I’ll say a prayer for your
safe journey down. Can’t wait to see you.

Posted by: Bonnie on

Glad to hear the latest news. Easy does it heading “home”- you have alot of people pulling for good weather and favorable condition to celebrate soon!

Posted by: Rita and BruceWightman on

Congratulations Dave J. and team!!!!

Posted by: Julie and Karla on

Jen , you are my hero!  Thanks to all the guides and No Trouble Team for helping Jen reach this awesome goal and congrats and hugs to each of you. Have a safe climb down.

Posted by: Terry on

Tyler, Garrett et al—-congrats again! Now u got me all juiced up—-got me some unfinished business up there…
Have a safe trip down.

Posted by: Ben Alvarez on

I’m so proud of all of you. What a great group of climbers. You guys really stuck it out and accomplished something very, very special. Wish I was there with you to celebrate. My hat’s off to all of you. A special thank you to Tyler, Geoff and Garett. Thanks for looking after my baby and showing her the way to the top. Outstanding work.

Posted by: Nick Boekenoogen on

Congratulations, so glad to hear you made it. Can’t wait to see the pictures.
Take care on the return.

Posted by: Alice on

I so glad you made it to the the summit. The thought that I had blow your summit bid was weighing heavy on my mind.  I don’t feel like I can put into words my gratitude to everyone for everything you did for me,  THANK YOU! The journey is for the soul the summit is for the ego. My soul has truly been blessed on this journey.  Congrats on your summit and safe journey on your way down.

Posted by: Dave on

It was with great relief that I read the above post, letting us know that you all made it down to 17,200 camp!  A huge THANK YOU to the guides , who are such skilled,safety conscious leaders. You are amazing!
I hope everyone gets a well deserved rest before heading down to civilization and a much needed shower!  I am sure that you are all quite fragrant!!!

Posted by: Patty Stenderup on

Hey Team No Troubles, Well done!  Enjoy your accomplishment and respect the mountain on the way down.  Don’t forget to collect all of your “wag bags”, haha.  Listen to your awesome guides’ descent advice.  John, we did it!  Love, Dad

Posted by: Kent Stenderup on

Sweet! MWHA! Great job No Troubles Team and Guides! Congratulations:)

Posted by: sjp on

Good Luck on your Climb!

Posted by: Joe Petrini on

Booyah!! Well done team!!

Posted by: Will Ivy on

Congrats team!!! What an awesome accomplishment!!

Posted by: Paul Kinneberg on

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