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Mt. Rainier: June 24th Summit!

Our Four Day Summit Climb Teams led by RMI Guides Peter Whittaker, Ed Viesturs and Tyler Jones reached the summit of Mt. Rainier early this morning. The Teams reported a beautiful day with light winds and great views. The teams have started their descent and are en route back to Camp Muir. RMI Guide Walter Hailes and the Expedition Skills Seminar - Emmons team reached the Summit of Mt. Rainier in the early morning via the Emmons Route. The team returned to Camp Schurman and will spend the remainder of their time on perfecting their mountaineering skills. They will return to Rainier Basecamp on Thursday afternoon. Congratulations to Today's teams!

Comments (27)

I was so lucky to have great guides and awesome teammates, as well as blessed by good weather on Mount Rainier. Biggest peak of my life so far, and thanks to Tyler, Jess and Josh!

Posted by: Phil Knight on

Wow, so impressed, so relieved, so proud of you Chris, my amazing Daughter in Law.  You keep on meeting challenges with determination, grace and grit!  Love you very much, Mama Carol

Posted by: Carol Waring on

Shannon so proud of you. We love you can’t wait to hear all about it.

Posted by: Debra wagner on

Hope you still have your toe nails.  Well done Shannon!

Posted by: Bruno on

Wow!  I have tears of happiness & thankfulness!

Posted by: Lorna bria on

What, Ed and Pete to guide your team! What a great and once in a lifetime experience that must have been. We will see you guys tomorrow at gear check!

Posted by: Kelly on

Shannon Walsh rules the world!

Posted by: dave thiele on

Congrats on your adventure! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Safe travels down

Posted by: Erik&Jill; on

So proud of you guys, congrats!! Way to go boys!

Posted by: Quinn Devine on

Congrats to Trip and the rest of the team! I hope you have a safe descent! So proud of you, Dad! Can’t wait for you to come home.

Posted by: Trilby Applequist on

Well done Andrew, we are all so so proud of you!! We love you very much. Natalie, Emily, Alexander and Melissa

Posted by: Melissa on

YAY SHAN!!!!!!!  WOOOHOOOO!!!! You did it!!!  Congrats to you and your team!  Can’t wait for the stories!

Posted by: Poll on

Brian, I am in awe and very proud of you!  Can’t wait to hear the stories!

Posted by: Cheryl Johnston on

Way to go Trip!! Proud of ya and happy you made it!!
Now get back here and tell me all about it with a Cold Beer!!

Posted by: Scott Reed on

I’m so proud of you Jim Korin!  Thanks team for guiding him through this adventure.

Posted by: Missy Korin on

This is one very relieved wife!  Thank you, Ed, for taking such good care of him.

Posted by: Jennifer Applequist on

Gregg,Reilly,Will and others. Way to go. We are mighty proud of all of you. I am going to Jackson Hole today.. I will slip by the Tetons and get a reservation for you guys to climb the Grand next year.. Did you see any of those frogs from the old beer ads that go “Ranier,Ranier?”

Posted by: Tim on

REILLY!!!!!!! Way to go buddy. Quinn and I are so proud. Congrats to you and everyone in your team, I cant wait to hear about it.

Posted by: Kory on

Amazing!!! Congrats Shannon and team!!! So proud of you! Love you! Xo

Posted by: Denk on

What an awesome reward for never giving up!  I can’t wait to hear all about the climb!

Posted by: Ronda O'Neal on

Way to go Shannon and your entire team!!  Soooo proud and excited for you!!  Love you!

Posted by: Maura Wynn on

Way to go Jim!!!  The team at NAU is so proud of you.  Congratulations!!!

Posted by: Michelle Adams on

Congrats Shannon!! So proud of you! You are AMAZING. Love you

Posted by: Linda Walsh on

  Congratulations to the Devine/Smith team!!!  You crushed it!!!! Love you all!  Marlaine

Posted by: Marlaine on

Way to go Shannon and the team!! So proud of you. I can’t wait to hear all about it. We miss you!

Posted by: Kathie Cronk on

Congrats all, love you Shannon!

Posted by: Dom Savoca on

Go Shannon go!!!!! Love Marina & the Garces girls

Posted by: Marina on

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