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Shishapangma: Day of Rest at Base Camp

A well earned day of rest. We have come to the point now in this expedition where things are now earned instead of deserved. Granted we all worked hard on our last rotation. A storm came in and bullied us into coming down a day early. The wind beat us like a naughty pet and kept camp two, our primary objective out of reach. Despite the storm, everyone did great handling themselves and proved they are ready for the final push. Now we must really focus on staying positive and healthy. Our bodies are wearing down even here at Base Camp. The mountain, letting us touch and feel a little bit is hiding no secrets and will demand our strongest effort yet to gain her summit slopes even though our physical selves aren't as tip top as they were two weeks ago. So now we earn it. Nothing will come easy. From here until the end we must become more adept and graceful at dealing with the hardships. The want to come home and hug our loved ones and eat fresh food and enjoy a warm shower is growing stronger everyday. All of us must embrace the spirit of climbing this mountain and believe that working hard, suffering well and giving everything we have both physically and emotionally will earn us a chance to stand on top. These next few rest days will all blend together. Sleep, eat, drink, sleep, cards, read and so on. I personally spiced things up today when I crawled into the Gamov bag just to see what it was like and 15 minutes later had a claustrophobic panic attack and had to be let out before hyperventilating. This provided a touch of humor but all in all we now must rest and wait. We all understand what these next two weeks will bring. We came here to climb Shishapangma and we will give her our finest effort. Even during days of rest. More on that tomorrow. RMI Adam Knoff

Comments (10)

Hi Cowie!

I hope you are having a nice time resting at base camp for a few days…but really, isn’t every day a rest day for you? It must be nice always being carried up the mountains! You better be keeping everyone in good spirits, but if you need some help, tell Mark that Jack got a B on his chemistry test yahoo!! He must really be scared of what is going to happen when you get home. Remind Mark to take some good pictures, the frames in the living room need an update : )

Be safe and make good choices!

xo EJW

Posted by: Elizabeth Wilkins on

Soup Ready!
Nice work up there boys. Stay safe

Posted by: Geoff on

Best wishes and good luck to all. Colin, I’m sure that you and all the expedition are anxious to complete your climb and have a happy return—- go to it !  Dad.

Posted by: Gerry Gailey on

Sending you all lots of aloha.

Posted by: Hikari on

May the lord bless you and keep you all safe.

Posted by: Jane Knoff on

I am getting somewhat choked up while reading this latest dispatch. I am both exhilarated and anxious for all of you. Envious? No!!  I know you all will take extra care and relish this adventure even more in the next 2 weeks. Be safe, and keep on keeping on!!

Posted by: Betty (Art's sister) on

Best wishes Colin & Team, a warm sunny day here in Hong Kong, climed 600m up the Wong Lung stream in Lantau today and was knackered, hope your doing better than me! Stay safe, William

Posted by: William Muirhead on

To Shishapangma:
Dare you to create any dire problems to anyone of the team!!! Fierce punishment would be awaiting you such as . . . Oh well, I’d think of something!
To Wolf: Watch your fingers ;-)
To all of you: Stay positive copying Angela Merkel - “Wir schaffen das!!!”
Our thoughts are with you.
Rotraut and Hans Riehle

Posted by: Rotraut Riehle on

Stay positive and keep focused on your goal!  We know you can do it!

Posted by: Angela & Ian Rennie on

Strength, encouragement and love to all…

Posted by: Shelley typrin on

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