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Denali Expedition: Van Deventer & Team Reach Summit!

Summit Day Recap - Monday, May 30, 2022

Things were clear and calm this morning and it looked the perfect day to go for the summit. We fired stoves early, ate breakfast as the sun rose on camp, and packed our bags. We left for the Autobahn, a long ascending traverse from 17,000' Camp to Denali pass at 18,000'. To get there, we walked back into the morning shade which kept things chilly, but overall really pleasant. From Denali Pass, we climbed past Zebra rocks, still warm and pleasant and in the sun now. As we rounded the Arch Deacons Tower, the wind caught us. Probably 15-20 mph, but biting. We covered our faces and continued on. We were able to get a bit of respite from it on the Football Field, and up Pig Hill. The summit ridge had plumes streaming over it and it was touch and go whether we would be able to traverse the last piece of terrain. We tried and the initial piece was windy, but we were able to move through it and as we crossed over the ridge we got some protection. We summitted at 5:15pm, tagged the top and took a couple hasty photos, before heading back down.

Tomorrow we will pack camp and start moving towards the air strip. We'll stop to sleep for a few hours at 11,000' or the base of Ski Hill and then be in Base camp to hopefully catch rides back to civilization the following morning.

RMI Guides Pete, Leif, Erika, and team

Comments (12)

Congrats to all !!
Carl, maybe Aconcagua next?

Posted by: Ron Jackson on

Congratulations to Matt and the rest of the team!

Posted by: Tucker M on

Congratulation Pete and Team…Bravo you did it - Again !...Enjoyed reading your words…Be Well - Do Well, Waltero

Posted by: Waltero Glover on

Congrats to all the team!!! What an amazing experience!
Albert, amb moltes ganes de que ens expliquis!!!

Safe travel down!! and keep enjoying and celebrating the experience!

Posted by: Mar on

Contratulations to all of you!!!!
Felicitats Albert, suuuuuper contenta per tu!!! I amb moltes ganes d’escoltar-te com revius l’experiència des d’aquí ;)
Enjoy the way back!!

Posted by: Beth Espinalt on

Congratulations!! On top of the world! So proud -Chris!!

Posted by: Pauline on

Way to go Chris and team

Posted by: Tom on

Huge congratulations to Chris and team!!!  Can’t wait to hear all about it…

Posted by: Sid Earley on

Yay!!!  Way to go Tom and team, so cool!  Safe travels down, I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Posted by: Kari Schmitz on

Congrats, team!

Posted by: Kristy on

Congratulations, Chris & Team! So proud of you!!!

Posted by: Kimmy Romine on

Congratulations Team! Proud of all of you.

Posted by: Andrew C on

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