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Entries from Peru Seminar

Peru Seminar: Young & Team Train in Preparation for Pisco Oeste

Greetings from Pisco Base Camp, The Spanish word of the day today is ‘Tranquilo’, meaning calm, easy, or chill. That’s what we did today here at 15,200’. We ate omelettes and then took a walk up to the top of the moraine to take a look at our route towards Pisco in the daylight. Back at camp, we dove into crevasse rescue skills in the grass before a ceviche lunch. Delicious as always! The rest of our day, we packed a little, and did some resting as the rain and graupel peppered our tents most of the afternoon. It’s clearing up as we bed down this evening after a chicken dinner and we’re hopeful we’ll see stars when wake up at 11:30 PM to start our climb. Not much else to report on a tranquilo day here at 15,200’. We’ll have more to rave about tomorrow if the mountain and weather allow! Stay tuned party people. RMI Guide Robby Young, Alfie, William, and Team ‘Seeking Blister Tape Sponsorship’
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Learned a new word today “graupel”. Hoping that it went away quickly. Cannot wait to get an update on the summit and more pics. Almost there :-)

Posted by: Bridget on 7/26/2019 at 6:04 am

Peru Seminar: Young & Team Head Back to the Mountains for Final Climb

And we’re back on the horse! We woke up early this morning in Huaraz and took in the last luxuries of hotel life before we loaded our bus and headed down the Rio Santo towards our final climb. It’s a long drive to Quebrada Llanganuco, where Pisco is located, but it’s a stunning sight to take in. We drove past some of the biggest peaks in South America on our way including Huascaran and Huandoy which tower up into the world of 21,000’. We dropped our bags with our donkey drivers and began our 2 hour approach around 11am. Once we arrived at Pisco Base Camp we took in some warmth inside the Refugio as the snow fell off and on. Our guide team and cook staff got camp built here in this beautiful meadow and we spent the entire afternoon eating, no joke. After dinner finally was finished, we made our way to tents for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow, we’ll do some crevasse rescue training, take a short hike to the top of the morraine above camp, and pack for our big day on Friday. We’ll be in touch, as always. RMI Guide Robby, Alfie, William, and Team ‘One-to-a-Tent’
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Praying all of you make a safe climb.  Go Trey!!!

Posted by: Phylis Craig on 7/26/2019 at 4:31 am

Peru Seminar: Young & Team Enjoy Some Down Time in Huaraz

Hello modern world! We're back in the bustling city of Huaraz after a week in the Ishinca Valley of the Cordillera Blanca Range. After any significant amount of time in the mountainous wilderness, even if just a week, it is certainly a shock to the system to return back to the modern world, especially when it's in the form of the chaotic city of Huaraz. With that chaos, however, comes showers, cervezas, real beds, warm temps, and flip flops! I'd say that it's nice to eat real food, but our reality is that we've been eating better in the mountains than most do in the cities (no joke)! That's all thanks to our wonderful cook from Alvarado Adventures, Emilio, once a guide here in the Range, and now a mountain chef extraordinaire that has been taking care of RMI teams for as long as we've been climbing in Peru. We had some great successes this week in the Ishinca Valley. We went through the (sometimes) painful process of acclimatizing our bodies to high altitudes, and we were able to successfully summit two beautiful mountains; Ishinca (18,143') and Urus Este (17,782'). The mountains and glaciers here are quite dry this season, which made for more interesting climbing, and more challenging, than our other trips down here. Our team attacked that challenge with an 'enthusiasm unknown to mankind', and were able to accomplish some personal goals and set new altitude records in the process. Tonight, we're just relaxing city-side at the wonderful Hotel Andino. We've got a little bit of repacking to do, as tomorrow morning we set out for our third and final climb of the trip; Pisco Oeste. We're looking forward to spending the next 4 days in the Llanganuco Valley and giving our bodies and minds another test of endurance as we look to approach the 19,000' mark and climb the beautiful west ridge of Pisco. We'll keep you updated on our progress. For now, enjoy some pictures from our most recents adventures in the Ishinca Valley. RMI Guide Robby Young, Alfie, WIlliam, and Team 'Showers and Flip Flops'
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Looks like a tuff climb.  I know you could do it Trey. You’re up to the challange.

Posted by: Phyllis Craig on 7/25/2019 at 7:48 am

Congrats Paul! I’m stoked you went back and looks like a summit or two. :) Enjoy Pisco! It’s amazing!

Posted by: Rue Beyer on 7/23/2019 at 9:30 pm

Peru Seminar: Young & Team Summit Urus Este!

Hello! Another day here in the Ishinca Valley, and another summit for your ESS-Peru Team! Around 9:00am this morning, we stood on top of Urus Este, around 17,800’, after a beautiful evening of challenging climbing where the team gave it a huge effort! It’s a lean snow year here in the Cordillera Blanca and the route was bit rockier than normal, but the team managed that challenging terrain exceptionally well. The weather was so nice on top that we were able to spend almost 45 minutes enjoying the views of the surrounding peaks and turquoise blue lakes that the Cordillera is famous for. We returned back to camp midday to a wonderful lunch, as usual, and took the afternoon to rest, recuperate, and enjoy our last day here in the Ishinca Valley after a week of calling it home. Dinner is almost served this evening, and we’re looking forward to catching a night back in the comforts of our hotel in Huaraz tomorrow evening. Shortly, we’ll find ourselves headed back to the hills for a closing climb to end our program with a bang! We’ll touch base from town tomorrow, and we’ll send some pics! RMI Guide Robby, William, Alfie, and Team Summit!
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Another summit conquerd. Congratulations Trey.  Enjoy being back in civilization.

Posted by: Phyllis Craig on 7/23/2019 at 12:28 am

Love these posts! Congrats on another summit. Can’t wait to see the pics.

Posted by: Bridget on 7/22/2019 at 6:35 pm

Peru Seminar: Young and Team Rest at Ishinca Base Camp

Greetings from Ishinca Base Camp, Today was all about well-deserved rest. We all woke up feeling good, despite being a bit stiff from our big climb of Ishinca yesterday. As usual, our cook, Emilio, had us covered and treated us to fried eggs and bacon to get our joints all greased up and ready to do some training today. Bacon is obviously amazing, but bacon at 14,200’ is out of this world!! Sign up for Peru 2020 and you’ll see what I mean! We kept moving today and covered some important climbing skills, including anchor building, rope travel and rigging, and finally took our game to the Base Camp climbing crag and learned how to rappel with an extension rig. We’re all happy for the day to recoup, and we’re now in the middle of an afternoon siesta as the daily showers have started pidder-pattering on our tent fabric. We’ll likely see another delicious feast for dinner tonight before an early bedtime in anticipation of our climb of Urus Este that begins tonight. We’re amped and ready! We’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow! RMI Guide Robby Young with Alfie, William and Team ‘Papas Fritas For Life’
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Peru Seminar: Young & Team Summit Nevado Ishinca!

Hello all! Oh what a glorious day! Your favorite ESS-Peru Team summited Nevado Ishinca! The air was thin up at 18,143’, but we were prepped and ready for the challenge. The clouds draped over the surrounding 20,000’ peaks but we spent the whole day in the sun with just a light breeze that kept us in puffy layers. We had a great day and enjoyed about an hour on the summit before we made our way back to our Base Camp where a feast awaited us. The team enjoyed some Coca Colas and some foot soaks in the river this afternoon while we recovered and we’re now tucked into sleeping bags once again. We’re going to lay low tomorrow and train here at Base Camp before our second climb of the trip goes down on Monday. Until then, stay classy out there in the real world. We’ll fill you in tomorrow on our rest day. RMI Guide Robby Young, Alfie, William and Team Pato Alpino
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Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear about the next climb!

Posted by: Lindsey Fisher on 7/21/2019 at 1:44 pm

Thrilled you all made the summit and enjoyed the day.  So proud of you Trey.

Posted by: Phyllis Craig on 7/21/2019 at 8:31 am

Peru Seminar: Young & Team Going for Ishinca Summit in the Morning

Hello world, Some good hard rewarding work went into our day today. We pushed our bodies up to a new altitude of 16,300’, with acclimatization in mind, as well as a goal to access some glaciated terrain to get our crampon and rope skills game on. We did a lot of breathing and a lot of moving around after an early start, with the intention of getting back to Base Camp by mid afternoon. A siesta was certainly in order because tonight, finally, we’re going for a summit (weather permitting)!! We’re excited the time has finally come, a week into our Peruvian adventure, that we can put the hard work and acclimatization to work. Ishinca has an 18,143’ summit and the route looked like a bunch of fun from our training site today. We’re getting up in the middle of the night tonight, but we’ll check in tomorrow and tell you all about it. For now, a hot dinner is on the table as usual, so we’re out! RMI Guide Robby Young and Team ‘No tengo hambre’
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Hope the weaher held so you all could get to the summit.  Good luck!!

Posted by: Phyllis Craig on 7/20/2019 at 5:20 pm

Peru Seminar: Young & Team Continue Acclimatization Process

Greetings, A beautiful rain-free day was finally had here in the Cordillera Blanca. The sun came out and stayed out today, which was perfect for an acclimatization day here at Base Camp at 14,200’. We got up and attempted early this morning to take a quick walk up to the Tocllacoccha overlook (Lake Toclla) to admire the beautiful glaciers pouring off of Tocllaraju into the sparkling bluish green lake below. It stressed our bodies just enough and took us to 15,300’ as we continue our acclimatization process. The afternoon was quite chill, as we took some siestas, and reviewed all of our knots and hitches for our climbs ahead. On top of all our fun today, the culinary adventure continued. Today, our cook, Emilio, prepared for us Cornish hen eggs and hash browns, potatoes, green beans and avocado salads, popcorn, beef and rice, chickpea soup, and quinoa pudding. All in one delicious day of eats. We’re living so large with our food up here that people down in town would be jealous. Tomorrow, our process continues as we hope to head to 16,200’, to the toe of the Ishinca Glacier to do some more acclimatizing and and training. We’ll let you know how the views are! Until then, good night! RMI Guide Robby Young and Team ‘Well Fed’
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Never tasted cornish hen eggs, meals sound like a gourmet restaurant not prepared on a mountain. Trey, I know you are enjoying your adventure.

Posted by: Phyllis Craig on 7/19/2019 at 12:41 pm

Hope the weather holds. Food sounds delish! Hey Trey!

Posted by: Bridget on 7/19/2019 at 6:57 am

Expedition Skills Seminar - Peru: Young & Team Arrive at Ishinca Basecamp

Hello from the Ishinca Valley in the beautiful Cordillera Blanca! Oh boy, what a treat it is to finally be in the mountains after 4 days in and around town. It is a beautiful setting here at Ishinca Base Camp, nestled between massive snow and ice covered giants at 14,400’. The peaks around us soar up to 20,000’ and it’s a sight to behold. It took us about 4 hours to make the move here from the trail head. We donned day packs after leaving the bulk of our weight with the donkeys and arrieros, and enjoyed a light weight walk all the way in under sunny skies. Soon after setting up camp, the afternoon rains reared their ugly heads, but luckily we were already warm and dry in our tents. Tonight, believe it or not, we were treated to a trout dinner with baby potatoes, chicken soup, and jello. We live our best lives here in Peru, and our cook Emilio is a huge part of that. Tomorrow, we’ll take’er easy. A little walking, a little technical training, and maybe even some napping. We’ll fill you in tomorrow. Until then, thanks for following along! RMI Guide Robby Young and Team ‘Trucha’ PS - Spanish word of the day is Sombra (Shade)
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We’re really enjoying these posts!  Sending best wishes for great hiking and beautiful weather.  Go, Ben!

Posted by: Barbara W on 7/18/2019 at 6:47 pm

Expedition Skills Seminar - Peru: Young & Team Hike to Lake Churup

Greetings! Another beautiful day here in Huaraz City! We woke up early this morning with one final acclimatization day scheduled here in town. We took it up a notch, however, and we shuttled up to the Lake Churup Trailhead at the foot of some of the higher peaks outside of Huaraz. A couple hours later, we were relaxing lakeside at one of the most beautiful lakes in the Range. Words don’t do it justice, so we sent pics! This afternoon, we were back in town putting the finishing touches on our packing and our normal lives before we head into the mountains for a week. First stop, the Ishinca Valley. We have some training planned, as well as a couple climbs...not to mention some delicious eating from our cooks up there! We’ll keep you posted. RMI Guide Robby Young and Team ‘No Swimming’
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Lookin’ good, T-bone!  Can’t wait to see you all get after it in the mountains a bit.  I’m very jealous…

Posted by: Rooster on 7/18/2019 at 8:27 am

Beautiful place! Can’t wait to read the daily posts.

Posted by: Bridget Spear on 7/17/2019 at 6:03 pm

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