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Mt. McKinley: Hahn & Team - Shoveling Clients, Sleeping Guides

Plenty of snow came down overnight and throughout the day.  The team did a great job getting out in the night to dig out tents, despite the mean winds that made the morning a bit rough.  By about 10 AM though, winds were lessening and we were able to have a group breakfast in the rebuilt POSH tent.  Walking even a few steps out of camp, one was generally up to mid-thigh in the new snow… meaning we didn’t walk out of camp much.  We let it snow.  We rested. We read.  We chatted.  We passed time and then we ate dinner.  The eight o’clock weather forecast was eagerly anticipated and it actually gave some reason for optimism this time. We were told that the snows would fade this evening and that tomorrow (Monday) wouldn’t be half bad.  And that is good.  We need a day that includes a bit of sun to settle the avalanche hazard surrounding us.

As we came out from dinner and prepared camp for another night of storm, we were pleased to get a break.  The sun appeared (briefly) and we were able to see the entire West Buttress and South Peak and even a splash of blue sky overhead.  Perhaps it was the new snow covering everything or maybe it was because we hadn’t had much scenery at all to look at lately, but we found the view to be breathtaking and brilliant. 

Best Regards,
RMI Guide Dave Hahn

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Comments (8)

ive been thinking about how this whole pursuit of mountain tops ... and how in it (and elsewhere) you never leave yourself to waiting ... for anything ...  except the snow, now, but you seem to have settled your piece with nature and i expect she’ll oblige and i suppose its less like waiting when you’ve keenly nestled yourself so high above sanity

perhaps this is one the moments when you ask yourself ‘why’ ? ...  this seems unlikely to

... did i mention im envious of your adventure ?

Posted by: jessica on

Dr K
Should be another good workout in “thigh deep” powder going up. Our thoughts are with you. Good luck.

Posted by: Blackie on

Brian - we are checking blog daily (sometimes hourly), Connor loves looking at the pictures of all the snow. Hopefully the sun will shine bright tomorrow and y"all will have a glorious climbing day. We are thinking of you and missing you! Love RB. TB & CJ

Posted by: Robin, Tristan & Connor on

  Mark, really enjoy watching the progress being made. Casey got to come for Olivias operation. Thinking of you and wishing the best for you and the team.  Hang in there!

Posted by: budjune and elaine on

Since summer finally arrived to western WA, right on schedule on 7/5, I’ll gladly send a teensy bit of the sun from here to you all - but only just enough to make things safe and not too much to make trouble.

Really enjoying reading the updates! Here’s a shout-out to Dr. Kelliher - much love and peace each step of the way, and may the infinite possibilities and the soulful interconnectedness of all you can see from up there fill you with a deep sense of peace in simply being. See you see you in a few weeks! from Emily and O-track.

Posted by: Emily on

Hi Mark,
Mary gave us your climbing blog and we’ve been enjoying watching the progress you and your team are making.  Our fingers are crossed that the sun will come out and you’ll keep going up.  Much luck to you all!!!

Posted by: Susan & Arden Krugerud on

Hey Mark. I’m back and following blog again. Hope the weather improves for u all soon.

Posted by: Mike M on

Appreciate so very much getting this dispatch to keep up on how you’re all doing. Hope that you get just the right amount of sunshine that you need.  Will, hope that the book you choose to pass the time is a good one. Thinking of you; every step.

Posted by: Carolyn on

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