Mt. Everest: Dave Hahn Calls in from Camp 1

Posted by: Dave Hahn, Seth Waterfall, Mark Tucker | May 18, 2013
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Elevation: 20,000'

Update 6:30 a.m. PST
Hey, this is Dave Hahn calling from Camp 1 with Seth Waterfall and Dan Johnson. We finally got out of Basecamp. We’re on our way down for our summit bid. A beautiful day today for the start of it at least. And then about the time we were about mid morning or so when we were getting up here to Camp 1, the wind clouds and cloud caps started forming over the high peaks. Made us a little bit worried for our friends who were going to the summit today but sounds like things went well for the folks we know up there. And we know a number of people that left for the summit today so that is encouraging. In fact, with some of the cloud play up there, we were able to actually see people on top which I don’t remember being able to do from Camp 1 before so that was pretty exciting. And neat to go through the Icefall again, actually very frightening to go through the Icefall again, but neat to work our muscles and get up here close to 20,000’ again. Lam Babu and Yubaraj are up at Camp 2 tonight. And they’re getting Camp 2 ready for our arrival tomorrow. That’s our hope is to get up early in the morning tomorrow and move what should be a relatively easy day up to Camp 2. But like I say nice to be up here. We’ve been talking to Mark Tucker down at Basecamp. Sounds like all is going well and the forecast is still looking good for when we want to get close to the top in four days or five days, something like that. And so keep following along. And hopefully we’ll keep making upward progress. Bye for now.

RMI Guide Dave Hahn

Dave Hahn leaving BC for Everest summit. Photo: Mark Tucker

Dave Hahn calls in from Everest Camp 1.

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So excited for you Dan!! Wishing you all a safe journey. xo

Posted by: Karen on 5/18/2013 at 11:03 am

Hi Guys -
Good to hear that you are moving up.  Hope the weather continues to let you move quickly.

-Larry Seaton

Posted by: Larry Seaton on 5/18/2013 at 9:03 am

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