Mt. Elbrus: Waterfall & Team See the Sights of St. Petersburg

Posted by: Seth Waterfall, Pete Van Deventer | September 06, 2013
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This is the last day of the trip for us.  We’ve had a really nice day here in St. Petersburg.  We kicked off the morning by beating the crowd to the Hermitage Museum.  Once we got in we disbanded and everyone took in the seemingly endless art works at their own pace.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the experience there.

Now we’ve all met up again for a boat tour on the canals.  The weather is really nice here with plenty of sun and just a little crispness in the air.

Tomorrow we’ll all head to the airport for our flights home.  It’s too bad the weather kept us from getting to the top of Mt. Elbrus but this group has really made the most of the situation.  Pete and I feel really lucky that everyone had such a positive attitude throughout the trip.

Thanks guys!

RMI Guide Seth Waterfall

Throne Room in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg. Photo: Seth Waterfall

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