Alaska Seminar: Davis & Team Wait and Train in Talkeetna

Posted by: Leon Davis, Eric Frank | May 05, 2014
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Mount McKinley

It is often said that to be an expedition climber, you must learn patience. Today was an exercise in just that. Early this morning as we walked empty streets from the roadhouse to the K2 Hangar, clouds hung in what was once clear skies. On the southeast fork of the Kahiltna, those clouds would prevent pilots from landing at base camp. Still, we worked hard at packing for an early afternoon flight and as our departure time came and went, we spent the day training on the K2 front lawn. Knots were learned exhaustively, tents set up and tonight we will gather for another night of stories and laughter. Spirits are strong and tomorrow is another day!

RMI Guide Leon Davis

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