Mt. McKinley: Walter & Team Movin’ On Up

Posted by: Solveig Waterfall, Mike Walter, Steve Gately | May 16, 2014
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Elevation: 14,000'

It’s a bit colder up here at 14,000’ than it was at 11K Camp this morning, but we are all excited to be moving uphill again and enjoying new surroundings.  We left a an hour earlier than our usual time in anticipation of the extensive work of building a solid camp once we arrived at our destination.

It took us just over five hours to get here, and as is normal this time of the season, there were no established camps that had been vacated and available for us to move into.  Everyone fueled up and we spent the next four and a half hours building tent platforms and cutting and stacking blocks of snow to build walls and protect us from the wind.

It’s been breezy and snowing on and off throughout the day, and after a quick dinner of potatoes, gravy, and Hormel Retorts, we have all jumped into the warmth and shelter of our nylon chateaus.  Tomorrow we plan to return to our cache at Windy Corner and retrieve our additional food, gas, and personal snacks.  Everyone is excited about this!

All the best from RMI Guides Solveig, Mike, Steve and the team here at 14K!

Looking through Camp Walls at 14,200' Camp. Photo: RMI Collection

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Steve and Team,

Glad to hear all is well.

Sounds like lots if work to build each camp. Too bad you have to leave them behind!

Meghan had a great graduation yesterday. We all missed you.

Hike well and be safe.


Posted by: Bill Gately on 5/17/2014 at 2:25 am

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