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Entries By pete van deventer

Denali Expedition: Van Deventer & Team Take a Weather Day

May 24, 2017

Well, the Denali storm has arrived (we are calling it the Horiskey storm). We woke to snow this morning, and as the day had progressed, the winds have strengthened. Lots of snow is moving around camp, and being out of a tent is really unpleasant. So we’ve stayed in the tents. Our cook tent is nice and tight, and our individual tents were occupied with napping, music, and reading. The storm is supposed to peak tomorrow, so probably more of the same in store. Our walls are strong, our sleeping bags warm, and our bellies full, so all in all, life is good.

RMI Guides Pete, Jess, Jenny and team

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Denali Expedition: Van Deventer & Team Enjoy First Full Rest Day

May 23, 2017

We took our first full rest day at 14. The winds were moving snow up high, but it was a pretty glorious day here in Genet Basin. We spent the day improving our walls for winds that are forecasted to huff and puff, and also practiced for our eventual trip up the fixed lines. Mike Walter’s team challenged us to a jeopardy game this evening, and we’re happy to report that we took the prize, with a score of 200 to 0 (though both teams spent a long time in the negative area). We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

RMI Guides Pete Van Deventer, Jess Matthews, Jenny Konway and team

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Looks like you and the team are doing well, hope you had a good rest day. Seriously though stop being lazy and get to the top of the mountain! Miss seeing you, stay safe, and don’t worry the sky isn’t falling around here without you.



Posted by: TJ Burns on 5/24/2017 at 7:38 pm

Such an amazing experience for you all. I am a friend of Joel Broder’s friend, Susie Okun. She was talking about your hike today and hooked me up with your blog. The pictures are beautiful. You must be having an incredible time!  Enjoy and be safe. XO

Posted by: Jackie Mossman on 5/24/2017 at 2:59 pm

Denali Expedition: Van Deventer & Team Sitting Comfortably at 14,000’ Camp

Yesterday’s hard day of work left everyone tired, and nearly everyone slept really hard last night. We woke up late, lingered over a breakfast of pancakes, and then set to work improving our camp. We put up some big walls to keep out the wind, and built a nice covered toilet to keep things comfortable. With the project finished, we ate a quick lunch, then strolled downhill to retrieve our cache. We’re in really good shape now, with a well fortified camp and all of our belongings here with us. Now, we wait for our opportunity.

We’ll be in touch,

RMI Guides Pete Van Deventer, Jess Matthews, Jenny Konway, and team

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Greetings from South Carolina.  You can do this…. Think of some place warm.  No seriously proud of you and glad your getting the chance to have this great experience.  Happy hiking. And to quote the Hunger Games “May the odds be ever in your favor”

Posted by: Crystal's mom :) on 5/24/2017 at 7:47 pm


The next days will be extreme in every way but I know you will get to the top of that hill. May the force be with you!


Posted by: Edward Foss on 5/24/2017 at 6:10 pm

Denali Expedition: Van Deventer & Team Move to 14,000’ Camp

May 21, 2017

We had another pretty perfect day for climbing in Alaska, and we made full use of it to get up to 14,000’ and dig in a new camp. It was pleasantly warm and light clouds kept it from totally frying us. After maneuvering around some initial traffic on Squirrel Hill, we were able to hit cruise control and roll past our cache from two days ago. Once at 14,000’ Camp came the arduous task of digging new tent platforms and a kitchen. Our task tomorrow is to retrieve our cache and build some really, really big walls. It sounds like we’ve got a stronger weather system headed our way this week, so we’ll prep to wait it out.

RMI Guides Pete Van Deventer, Jenny Konway, Jess Matthews and team

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Wow, Most amazing journey ever!! Good luck for the last but….. Love to the Calvert’s.  Hendrik and Natasha.

Posted by: Hendrik Muller on 5/22/2017 at 8:32 pm

Glad to hear all is well. I worry so much about you guys. Stay safe. See you soon.

      All my love mom

Posted by: Melinda on 5/22/2017 at 12:48 pm

Denali Expedition: Van Deventer & Team Rest at 11,000’ Camp

May 20, 2017

The 11,000’ Camp Diner opened for business late this morning, though still before the sun warmed its patrons’ bones. The menu had one question: with or without. Bagels and cream cheese with or without bacon. It turned into a beautiful day, and we got some National Geographic worthy photos of Mt. Foraker and the Kahiltna stretching out below us. Lots of naps, reading, movies, and some time catching up with our good friends and RMI Guides Robby and Lucas from Mike W’s team rounded out the day. Tomorrow, back to the grindstone, as we move up to 14,000’ and dig in. Everyone is looking forward to the good living of 14 Camp.

Until tomorrow,

RMI Guides Pete, Jess, Jenny and team

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Keep up the hard work Jordan! Pinnacle is excited for your journey, big climb ahead, we know you can do it! Should’ve taken the dogs ;)

Posted by: Chris Streno on 5/22/2017 at 6:13 am

Great to have a rest day- hope you able to keep warm and get some reserve sleep in the tank. How thoughtful of the climbers to rise early and deliver breaky in bed to the guides - tales from the dreamtime ! Hope the weather holds for the hard slog ahead -safe climbing to you all - with kind thoughts P and V.

Posted by: Philip and Vonne Calvert on 5/21/2017 at 10:02 pm

Denali Expedition: Van Deventer & Team Cache Supplies on Upper Mountain

We saw the sun on day one and haven’t really seen it since. The trend of southern flow pushing moisture our way continues, and it snowed off and on all day. While climbing on bright, bluebird days is nice, it really doesn’t get much better than conditions today. While we couldn’t see a lot, there was very little wind on a piece of the mountain that is known for wind, the clouds and snow kept the temps pleasantly cool, and the fresh snow has set up creating great cramponing conditions. We cruised out of camp a bit after the main rush, which kept us out of traffic all day. A few smooth stretches later, we rounded Windy Corner and reached our cache site. All told, the day was really smooth and pleasant, and we’re feeling really good about getting a big chunk of weight uphill. On the docket for tomorrow is done hard chilling time, nap competitions, and general self care before we look to move to 14.

RMI Guides Pete Van Deventer, Jenny Konway, Jess Matthews and Team

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The daily blog and pictures are FABULOUS!
Sending Joel and the team some warm Arizona sunshine.

Posted by: Susie Okun on 5/20/2017 at 1:56 pm

Denali Expedition: Van Deventer & Team Enjoy Time at 11 Camp

May 19, 2017

Light snow overnight made everything quiet and still this morning. Camp was sleepy, as it seems everyone took the opportunity to sleep in. We munched our way through a big brunch of hash browns and eggs, and then trotted back downhill under empty packs to grab our cache. That short trip left plenty of time for naps and some chilling time this afternoon before a quick climbing skills refresher to get ready for tomorrow. We intend to trade sleds and snowshoes for crampons tomorrow and get our cache up to Windy Corner. We’ll see if the weather let’s us.

RMI Guide Pete Van Deventer

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Go Jenny!! How exciting!  We miss you and hope you are loving it up there.  The pictures are beautiful.  Can’t wait to see more.  Sending love you’re way.

Big Sis & Fam ❤️

Posted by: Jessica on 5/20/2017 at 9:10 am

The views are amazing! You guys are doing great!

Jan- Delta found your backpack! It never left JFK, they delivered it to Lucja’s apartment yesterday.  We miss you! Stay safe!


Posted by: Joanna on 5/20/2017 at 8:23 am

Denali Expedition: Van Deventer & Team Move to 11,000’ Camp

May 17, 2017

We’re done with the Kahiltna for now! It’s been snowing lightly all day and for most of the day it was hard to tell where the ground ended and the sky began, but we had a good gps track to follow and we plugged our way along. The wind was moving snow around as we got close to Kahiltna Pass, making for some tough trail breaking. With all of that the team did great, hanging tough through a hard day and then rallying and buffing out a nice new abode at 11,000’ Camp once we arrived.

We’ve been going hard for three days now, and it’s time to spend some time recovering from our big loads, sleds, blisters, etc, while we acclimate and get strong here. Our plan is to make the short jaunt back to our cache tomorrow to retrieve it. Some time in the tents chilling is in order too.

RMI Guides Pete, Jess, Jenny and team

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Stay strong, be safe, enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Love you much Jenny. Your momma ❤️

Posted by: Melinda widmer on 5/18/2017 at 7:52 pm

Denali Expedition: Van Deventer & Team Make Carry

We woke in the shadow of Denali, but the skies were clear and promised sun. Bagels and lox got everything started, and since the sun was shining we made hay. We grabbed 34 bags of food, 17 days worth, and a bunch of gas and moved it all uphill to 10,600 or so, just below 11,000’ Camp. The loads were heavy and Ski Hill made us work for it, but compared to yesterday, the loads didn’t even compare. Today’s work set us up well to move to our 11,000’ Camp with reasonable loads and establish our new home! 7,600’ Camp has been fun, but we are ready to move on. Loaded quesadillas for dinner have us feeling the oncoming food coma, so for now, over and out from the Kahiltna glacier.

RMI Guides Pete, Jess, Jenny, and the team

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G’day from Sydney Australia,It’s 20degC and we feel cold !Well on schedule so far- hard work but hopefully enjoying the experience in particular such surroundings.In retirement we feel part of the adventure but without the pain thanks to the regular messages from Mark and Rachel and the great RMI updates - especially the photos - keep safe - we are with you all in spirit.

Posted by: Philip and Yvonne Calvert on 5/19/2017 at 12:14 am

Hi all!
Pete Bilodeaus sis here… Just wanted to say hi! Looks like beautiful weather and unbelievable scenery! Love the blog updates…you all are bad ass!!!

Have fun and be safe! Thinking of you all..

Posted by: Carol Goetz on 5/18/2017 at 7:08 pm

Denali Expedition: Van Deventer & Team Move to Camp 2

May 15, 2017
This morning, the team arose bright and early with the sun to enjoy a nice, hot breakfast before packing up camp for the move to Camp two, at roughly 7,600 feet. After rigging our sleds and burying our cache, we started our long walk up the Kahiltna Glacier. The team did great and after only five short hours, we pulled into camp, tired but excited. Another hour or so later and camp was built. The team took a well deserved rest before joining the guides in the cook tent for dinner and dessert. Everyone’s all tucked into their tents for the night now, resting up for tomorrow’s carry to cache supplies up higher on the mountain. Hopefully we’ll get to enjoy more sunshine tomorrow!

Thanks for following along,
RMI Guides Jenny, Jess, Pete and the team

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Cannot wait to hear about your adventure. Note from Linda at the gym (in Sue’s class). Stay safe!

Posted by: Linda Luth on 5/17/2017 at 10:10 pm

A lot of best wishes from all of us in Pinnacle, Denver.
We are following your daily updates.
Enjoy every moment and take a lot of pictures.

Posted by: Danellys Perez on 5/16/2017 at 7:37 am

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