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Entries from Elbrus Southside

Mt. Elbrus: Grom & Team Arrive in St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg!!!
We traveled all day and have finally arrived in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. Things went relatively smooth despite two van rides and two flights. We got checked into the hotel here and then ran out for a quick dinner followed by a short but scenic stroll.
Everyone is very excited to explore and see this city tomorrow.

RMI Guide Casey Grom and crew

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Mt. Elbrus: Gorum & Team Travel to Cheget

After a full day of travel, the team has made it to Cheget. We enjoyed our time in Moscow, but it always feels good to be in the mountains. The air is crisp, and the rivers are swollen. From the hotel we can see multiple hanging glaciers, and from town we can easily see the East summit of Elbrus.
We’ve got a few things to take care of here over the coming days, but it won’t be long until we’re living life up in the hills!

RMI Guide JM Gorum

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Be Safe and Have Fun!!! Tell Craig (Dad) we love him and we’re so proud!!- From all his kids and grandkids:)

Posted by: Hannah Clark on 7/18/2017 at 7:20 am

Good luck! Have fun and tell Zarina hello for us!

Posted by: Rebecca Robinson on 7/17/2017 at 5:33 pm

Mt. Elbrus: Gorum & Team Explore Moscow

The team has arrived in Moscow! Everyone has their bags, though some had to work a little harder than others for that luxury. 
Today, we started with a tour of the Kremlin. We saw some really big cannons, and some very old cathedrals. Some of those cathedrals contain remains of people who died in the 14th century. That’s before Christopher Columbus even sailed the ocean blue, which was in 1492, of course. There is a lot of history here.
The team toured the Red Square, ate some ice cream, and ate some lunch. After our tour, folks split ways for a bit. Some taking naps, some exploring on their own, and some opting to track down their luggage. Success on all fronts.
We just got back from dinner, everyone is packed up and ready to head out early tomorrow for our departure to Mineralnye Vody. You’ll hear from us soon.

RMI Guide JM Gorum

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Mt. Elbrus: Grom & Team Explore Cheget

Greetings everyone -
Our team spent the contingency weather day hanging out in Cheget. We had a rather leisurely start with breakfast at 9:30 due to so many climbers being here in the hotel. But no one seemed to mind the extra sleep after yesterday’s climb.
We spent the day walking around town, riding ATVs, enjoying the new coffee shop in town and of course horseback riding Russian style!
Right now we’re all relaxing before heading out to a celebratory dinner with the team. Hopefully we’ll survive the vodka associated with tonight’s traditional Russian celebration, hosted by our gracious local tour operator.
Everyone is in good spirits and looking forward to heading to beautiful St. Petersburg early tomorrow.

RMI Guide Casey Grom

On The Map

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Mt. Elbrus: Grom & Team Reach Summit!


Today the team stood on the highest point of Europe. I have to admit we were pretty lucky with the weather, as we had a little snowstorm pass through last night leaving a nice dusting. The team did a fantastic job of taking care of themselves and climbed incredibly well. With pretty decent weather we could see much of the massive Caucasus mountain range from the summit.

Once we descended back to the saddle between the two summits that Mt. Elbrus has (West and East), four of us decided to climb up to the other summit while the rest of the team descended safely back to camp. It only added an additional one and a half hours, so not too bad, especially since the weather was good.

After everyone returned to camp, we had a quick lunch and then packed up to head down valley to our hotel at the base of the mountain. Everyone is high spirits and smelling great!

RMI Guide Casey Grom and a happy, freshly showered crew

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Congratulation Scott + Julie and team. Well done.

Posted by: Walter Glover on 7/15/2017 at 11:41 pm

Congratulations to all of you. Glad you had a safe climb.

Posted by: Ruth Baldock on 7/15/2017 at 2:38 pm

Mt. Elbrus: Grom & Team Ready for Summit Attempt

Hello again from 12,000’ in Russia!

Things are good here and the team is excited for tonight! We did a little prep work for tomorrow by reviewing a few climb techniques and then rested the remainder of the day. Our cook, Dasha, has done a great job of filling our bellies with plenty of good ol’ home cooked Russian food. We had a thorough discussion about tonight’s climb and everyone is packed up and ready. Hopefully the weather continues to hold. we’ll be waking up shortly after 1 a.m. and after a quick breakfast we’ll hop on the snowcat to give us a bump a little further up the mountain. This will shorten our climb a little and increase our chance of reaching the highest point in Europe.

We had a trivia challenge today and one lucky winner will get to make a satellite phone call from the summit. So everyone following along, keep your phones handy, you just might receive a call. I’m expecting us to reach the summit around 10 a.m. here,  in same time zone as Moscow.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

RMI Guide Casey Grom and team

On The Map

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Best of luck with your skills, health and weather!

Posted by: kay nims on 7/15/2017 at 11:03 am

Go for it you guys. Casey is the best! Wishing you safe travels tonight

Posted by: John Horgan on 7/15/2017 at 8:27 am

Mt. Elbrus: Grom & Team Spend the Day Acclimatizing and Relaxing

Hello again everyone.
The weather continues to be beautiful here on the mountain for us. We started the day with a nice breakfast prepared by our wonderful cook Dasha, then set out on our last acclimatizing hike around 9am.  The team did a great job as we made our way up to a little over 15,300’, setting a new record for some in just over 3.5 hours. We stopped along the way to take a few breaks and enjoy the view as well as chat with the other climbers that are here from all over the world.
After reaching our high point we made our way back to camp just in time for another enjoyable lunch.
Since then it’s been nap time for some or just relaxing in our little huts after our big day. Everyone is doing well and in good spirits.

RMI Guide Casey Grom and crew

On The Map

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Such good news! Very proud of all of you. Good luck to all.

Posted by: Jan Gravrs on 7/13/2017 at 6:09 pm

Great to hear everyone’s doing well!  Higher than we’ve been.  Dave & Marci

Posted by: Dave Utela on 7/13/2017 at 2:05 pm

Mt. Elbrus: Grom & Team Ride Up To The Garabashi Hut

It was a beautiful day here on Elbrus.
We had a normal start to our day with breakfast in the hotel and then loaded up all our climbing gear and drove to the base of the ski lift where we rode not one, but two gondolas and a short snow cat ride to reach our new home for the next few days and happens to sit at just over 12,000ft. It’s rather comfortable up here, as our outfitter has taken a few shipping containers and converted them into simple bunk rooms.
Once we got settled into our new home we headed uphill on another acclimatizing hike and reached about 13,500’ before returning to camp where our wonderful cook Dasha had a nice hot lunch waiting for us. 
We spent the remaining of the afternoon relaxing, walking around and just enjoying the views of the Caucasus Mountain Range. We also had a cribbage lesson to prepare for the upcoming tournament.

Thanks all for now.
RMI Guide Casey Grom and crew

On The Map

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Shipping containers…What happened to the petrol tanks as quarters mate ? ! Good acclimatatizing go go go.

Posted by: Walter Glover on 7/13/2017 at 4:27 am

The snow cat ride looks like way too much fun.  Glad to see the weather is treating you well.

Posted by: Marcia utela on 7/12/2017 at 6:13 pm

Mt. Elbrus: Tucker & Team Enjoy St. Petersburg

Wow!  It has been a whirlwind.  This is the first chance I have had to catch my breath.  We have explored St. Petersburg and it’s beautiful museums and churches.  We took an evening canal tour and ended the evening with a bit of Karaoke (not on the itinerary). Most of us, me included, should keep our day jobs. A few of our team mates will remain to some additional site seeing but the majority of us have left St. Petersburg and are making our way home.  Our bags are filled with local treasures for friends and family members and heads our spinning from our recent experiences and plans for upcoming adventures. It has been a wonderful trip and it’s been my pleasure to spend time abroad with this great team.

Until next time,
RMI Guide Mark Tucker

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Mt. Elbrus: Grom & Team Stretch Their Legs on Cheget Peak

Hello again everyone.

It was a beautiful day here in Russia. We had a nice relaxing start to the day with a traditional Russian breakfast of porridge, eggs and bread. Then made our way to the local ski lifts to help give us a jumpstart on our hike. I didn’t hear a single complaint about riding up 1,500’ before we started our hike to nearly the top of a local peak called Cheget. Normally we got to the top of the peak but being close to the border of Georgia, the Russian military had the upper part closed to climbers for some odd reason. Regardless, we enjoyed stretching our legs.
The hike went well with mostly clear skies and plenty of other hikers enjoying the day, and we even caught a few glimpses of Elbrus too. 
After the hike we made our back to town relatively quickly thanks to the ski lifts, where we had a hot lunch waiting for us. After lunch we dropped off our gear and made a quick stop to pick up a few extra items and even managed to try on a few local hats.
We wrapped up the evening with another nice home cooked meal here provided by our ever so gracious local outfitter.

Things are good here.
RMI Guide Casey Grom and crew

On The Map

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Ah so that is what Russian mountaineering look-a like comrades. Stretch legs ~ No breaks !

Posted by: Walter Glover on 7/12/2017 at 1:41 am

Great to hear /read all is going well.  Love the photo.  Best of luck in the next few days.

Posted by: Marcia Utela on 7/11/2017 at 1:14 pm

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