Alpamayo: Elias and Team arrive at Cashapampa (Base Camp)

Posted by: Elias de Andres Martos | July 25, 2014
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Elevation: 14,270'

Hello! Good afternoon!

This is Elías and the Alpamayo climbing team. We are calling from Cashapampa, or the trailhead, where we have just arrived. IT is 3 PM local time on Friday, the 25th, and we have successfully finished our expedition. We’d like to apologize for their lack of a call last night from Base Camp following the call we made in the morning after the climb, but the sat. phone wasn’t working properly or the cloud cover maybe even lower, but we arrived at Base Camp shortly, 4 hours after we departed High Camp. We had a nice dinner, re-encountering our cook and camp staff, and this morning the donkeys made our journey back to the trailhead very enjoyable. And, like I said, we’re now at the trailhead loading our backs into the taxi, the truck that is going to take us back into town. And we’ll be over. So thanks to everybody who’s been following our progress on the mountain, and we send our regards to everyone, and we will be checking in the next time with some pictures and a final recap from Huaraz within the next 24 hours!

Thank you and goodbye.

Elias and team checking in from Cashapampa.

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