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Entries from Alaska Seminar

Alaska Seminar: Smith & Team Fly onto Glacier

Friday, May 24, 2019 11:03 PM PT There is nothing better than starting your day with a pancake bigger than your face and your morning commute on an otter plane. The clouds stayed at bay and we were able to fly on to the Kahiltna Glacier. The views are mesmerizing. Words cant explain how beautiful it all is. We gathered are things from the plane, said goodbye to our pilots, and settled into camp. Excitement continues to grow for what is to come in the next week. But for now we are snuggled into out tents ready to catch some Z's. Talk to you all tomorrow, RMI Guide Hannah Smith and Team
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Happy to hear you made it to the glacier. We’re excited to hear what you learn.

Posted by: JShears on 5/25/2019 at 6:06 pm

Alaska Seminar: Smith & Team Arrive in Talkeetna

Thursday, May 23, 2019, 10:36 PM PT Good evening lower 48, it is us up here in the northern state of Alaska. The team gathered this afternoon in the Anchorage airport with a high stoke level for what is to come in the next ten days. The next ten days will bring beautiful views of pristine glaciated terrain that will be our classroom for learning the skills needed to do a Denali Expedition in the future. We made our way to Talkeetna, the launching pad to Denali and are all getting use to the 24-hour light as we settle into our hotel. Tomorrow will be a busy day of packing and shuffling gear so we can hopefully fly onto the Kahiltna Glacier. Keep your fingers crossed for blue skies, RMI Guide Hannah Smith and team
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Alaska Alpine Climbing: Elias & Team Traverse the Pika Glacier

Saturday, June 9, 2018 - 9:26 PM PT Good afternoon again from Little Swiss! We had a great second day on the ice, reviewing more skills, and getting ready for our first climbing objective tonight. We ventured to the top edge of this Pika Glacier, overlooking the tundra, and spent quite some time getting familiar with the transitions and rope work on snow, as well as checking potential routes for later in the program. We have switched to a night schedule, so we can move efficiently during the coldest hours of the day, as it has been scorching hot here. We are waking up shortly after midnight, and heading down glacier for a mixed steep snow-rock climb. Stay tuned for more! RMI Guide Elías de Andrés Martos
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Alaska Alpine Climbing: Elias & Team Check in from the Pika Glacier

Good evening from the Pika Glacier, on the Alaska Range! We had a great first day of activity today. We had a late afternoon flight in yesterday, and the pertinent camp building marathon. Today, with blue skies, we ventured down Glacier to the "Hobbit's Footstool" rock formation for practice; besides some rock climbing-cragging, we reviewed a lot the rope systems that we'll be implementing in the upcoming days. Everyone enjoyed their time on the glacier and rocks, but the hit today was definitely the steak dinner. We're now headed to bed, waiting for a better day of fun on this incredible area of the Alaska Range! Regards RMI Guide Elias and the Alpine Climbing Team.
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Tell Hugh his mom says be careful

Posted by: Peggy on 6/9/2018 at 1:17 pm

Alaska Seminar: Dale & Team Complete Seminar, Return to Talkeenta

Friday, June 1, 2018 - 6:33 PM PT From the top of Radio Tower to the bottom of the crevasse on the Kahiltna, your guides; Christina, Lucas, and Alex thank the Alaska Seminar team for bringing a sense of humor and awe to the 9 days spent together. We are now off the ice and onto burgers and brews.
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Alaska Seminar: Dale & Team’s Last Supper on the Glacier

May 31, 2018 - 10:32 pm PT We just finished up out last dinner (weather permitting) on the glacier. Today we loaded gear on our backs and sleds and moved to basecamp where our group decided to set up tents then take an evening glacier hike to the base of the North Face of Mount Hunter to say farewell to the Alaska Range. We all feel grateful for the time to learn and explore here. I know for a fact many of our team will be back soon to climb the Great One. RMI Guide Christina Dale
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Alaska Seminar: Rope Skills and Laughter

After a lazy morning of hiding in tents or the cook tent from the snow and wind we had brunch. It was a two hot drink kind of morning. But then the temps warmed and the clouds lightened and we set up a ropes course on the glacier. We used ascenders to climb ropes, rappels to descend, and tethers to traverse. After some avalanche beacon searching drills, we hunkered down for some lunch and an avalanche formation lecture. All in all, a lot of practice clipping carabiners and using gear. This group has taken everything in stride and keeps impressing us with their focus and energy. We also have been enjoying the laughter that seems to roll out of the kitchen tent all evening. Tomorrow we'll rig sleds and head back to Kahiltna Basecamp and then into a hot shower way too soon after that. Whether we're climbing, learning, or hanging out, this group has been a true pleasure to be with for the past eight days. RMI Guides Christina Dale, Lucas Haaland, and Alex Halliday
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Alaska Seminar: Dale & Team Make Summit Attempt, Try Out New Skills

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 5:28 PM PT Today we awoke to some of the first stormy weather of the trip. After sleeping in a little and taking the time to make a delicious pancake and bacon breakfast we roped up and spent the afternoon climbing to Furien Col taking advantage of a good weather window. The climb was steep and involved. We used many of the climbing and anchoring techniques that we've learned throughout the week. It was fun to put our skills to use and get up to a high point. Unfortunately, no views for us because the weather rolled in and we were inside a pingpong ball. We descended from the col and are taking time to rest in our tents. RMI Guide Christina Dale
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Alaska Seminar: Dale & Team’s Moving Day

Monday, May 28th - 8:10 pm PST We woke up to more sunshine and the smell of bacon on the Kahiltna. After breakfast burritos browned to perfection by Lucas, we packed up camp and took off down Heart Break Hill. Named for its uphill torture on the way back to the airstrip. Everyone reported feeling "great!" after the descent. But then we started the glacier slog with heavy packs and sleds. The next break the team reported feeling "good." After another two hours the team asked, "So, where is camp?" We pulled into a perfect camp in Farine Basin and got to work excavating the glacier and flattening our sleeping nooks. Now it looks perfect for the night. The team is doing well and showed their strength by building camp in good fashion after a long day. If this good weather holds, we'll attempt to climb Farine Peak tomorrow. RMI Guide Christina Dale
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Rick…..Hopefully you won’t have to to use any crevasse rescue skills.  So claustrophobic, so it gives me the chills.  Pictures are so beautiful.  Good luck and prayers on the climb to Farine Peak.  Love, Mom & Dad

Posted by: Marci & Keith Meyer on 5/29/2018 at 12:03 pm

Alaska Seminar: Dale & Team Practice Crevasse Rescue

Sunday, May 27th - 11:00 pm PST What a day of rope work we had under the most amazing back drop of Mount Hunter. We went through different knots and how to build a variety of equalized snow anchors. Then we put it to practice and had everyone take turns going into a deep crevasse and the team would build a pulley system to bring them out. This was an Alaska style crevasse which means it appears bottomless and cold. We had so much fun exploring the glacier up close and personal. The team's rope skills are great but we hope to avoid using the rescue skills as we head out tomorrow to move camp up the Kahiltna Glacier. After such a big day of playing on and in the glaciers, we all treated ourselves to two hot chocolates after a delicious dinner of tortellini with sun-dried tomatoes. Goodnight from the glacier! RMI Guide Christina Dale
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