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Peru Seminar: Elias & Team Summit Ishinca!

Hello, good morning. This is the Peru climbing team calling from the summit of Ishinca, 5,530 meters. It's 9:45 a.m. local time. I'm going to let you know how the crew is doing... [Team's happy cheers!] I hope that was a good enough sign. We had a heck of a climb this morning. The team crushed it. We are having a really good day. We've had some easy weather the last couple of days but this morning from sunrise to right now, nothing but blue skies. The views from up here are astonishing, and we'll let you know when you see the pictures. We will keep you posted of our schedule. Tomorrow we are going to take a rest day and we'll see what the next couple days bring us as we wrap up the program. We call you back and I hope everybody is doing well at home. That's it for now. RMI Guide Elias de Andres Martos

Elias de Andres Martos calls in from the Inshinca summit!

Comments (7)

Awesome, Lucy and Corell!!! So excited for you and the rest of the team!!!
One more to go!
Can’t wait to hear about it all, and to see photos!

Corell- the boys are home from Philmont—Colman is filled with stories—not the least of which is waking up to a lightning-induced forest fire ~100 yds away across the creek. A nascent forest fire that their group actually alerted the nearby staff/ranger camp about, and the same fire that made the papers back here… YIKES! we are fortunate the group leader got up earlier than the others to make coffee—noticed the flames filling the trees just across the creek, then went to the tents with the sleeping boys and said, “Boys, we might have a bit of an emergency here…”  Colman said they had never packed up so fast!!!!

Thurston’s group was not on same trail, but apparently saw the flames…think both groups were diverted a bit. I think the fire was finally contained a week later…
But oh my!

Hoping your adventures are challenging—- but not so dangerous!!

Posted by: Dana Marie on

Great job, Lucy.  So good to hear everyone is climbing well and the weather is cooperating.  All is well in VA.  Love from all 5 of us.  C

Posted by: Carter on

Hey, Victor!  2 summits, congrats!  Can’t wait to see the photos.  I sent the others to your friends saying it was “Victor in his natural habitat”.  :-)
Love you! -Nissa

Posted by: Nissa on

Honey! So happy for you and the team. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Posted by: Susie on

Hi Kim , Wow… another summit!  Congrats to you & the entire RMI climbing team!!  We really enjoy the updates from your senior guide. We especially like the audio updates where we hear the excitement in his voice!  Stay well & travel safe!  Love,  Dad

Posted by: SHEL on

Great job Corell!! Glad you have blue skies. We pick up Thurston tonight from Philmont. Talked to him Saturday afternoon - he said it was “awesome.” Love you.

Posted by: Thurston on

Nice job Team!  So glad to hear the weather has been good!  Love and miss you tons Keith!  Hope you’re feeling better!  PS… I still haven’t found the mail key. haha!

Posted by: Angela on

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