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Alaska Expedition Seminar: Marin & Team Back in Talkeetna

This morning we woke up early, broke camp and flew off the Kahiltna Glacier.  We are now enjoying a nice meal at the West Rib Pub.  The group is doing fantastic and we all looking forward to a warm shower.  All and all and incredible time with everyone.

Thank you all for the fantastic time!!!!

RMI Guide Andres Marin

Fantastic Conratulations for the entire team and Big thanks to the Guides

Posted by: Aamer's Dad on 5/23/2013 at 10:23 am

Alaska Expedition Seminar: Team Enjoys Pulling Sleds and Glacier Climbing

After our unsuccessful attempt climbing Radio Tower due avalanche conditions, we spent our last day hiking to the first camp on Denali. We all had the opportunity to pull sleds and go for a long glacier hike. The group enjoyed the views and exercise that took to get there. We finished our day climbing up Heartbreak Hill back to Denali Base Camp. All and all a fantastic day.

Tomorrow we will be packing our camp and be flying at noon back to Talkeetna.

RMI Guide Andres Marin

Alaska Expedition Seminar: Marin & Team Practice Ice Climbing

There is something about ice climbing in a crevasse that is just mind blowing.  Today the group got to experience ice climbing and how much fun it is.

We headed for the foot hills of Mt. Francis to find a deep crevasse suitable for great climbing.  Big smiles all day long.  Tomorrow we are getting ready to go climbing Radio Tower.  The team is excited to climb higher tomorrow and are doing well!

RMI Guide Andres Marin

Alaska Expedition Seminar: Marin & Team Enjoy Spectacular Views While Training

Today we woke up with clear skies!  After breakfast we shouldered our packs and went for a hike to the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier. The Fork offers spectacular views of the North Buttress of Mt. Hunter, South Face of Radio Tower, and the West Face of Kahiltna Queen.  We also learned about snow anchors and glacier travel.  It was really nice to be able to stretch our legs and hike around.  It certainly was a fantastic day.

We also had the opportunity to eat dinner outside enjoying the incredible views.  The weather is looking nice for the rest of the week, so we will be getting around.

Everyone is doing great!

RMI Guide Andres Marin

Lis and Pete,

We are very proud of your endurance and stamina.

Wishing you and the team sunny skies for the remaining part of the trip.


Posted by: Nicole areson on 5/20/2013 at 10:32 am

So glad the weather has cleared! The photo is awesome, I can’t wait to see the final pics of this spectacular region. Godspeed and I hope that the weather cooperates the rest of the week. JIm Vaughan

Posted by: jim vaughan on 5/19/2013 at 7:26 pm

Alaska Expedition Seminar: Marin & Team Holding Strong at Basecamp

It is fascinating how much the weather can test us.  One more day of a strong storm kept us in camp, but we find things to do to keep ourselves busy.

Here is how the day went for us:
Woke up with about a foot of new snow, had to do some maintenance in camp before any items got buried.  Then time to eat breakfast.  Lisa, Kahiltna Basecamp Manager, rallied everybody in basecamp to stomp the runway, then we did a class in avalanche decision making and transceiver and probing work.  After dinner, Akira finished snow blocks to make an arch that marks the entrance of our bathroom.  Impressive work!!!  Now it is time for us to go sleep.

The strong front that is passing should start weakening tomorrow.  High hopes for that.

We all are staying happy and learning from the mountain.

Living the dream!!!!

RMI Guide Andres Marin

On The Map

Alaska Expedition Seminar: Marin & Team Train Close to Camp

As in all expeditions weather always play a big part.  Today we experienced a pretty big storm that will be on the radar for the next three days.  The forecast is calling for 4 feet of total snow fall with winds up to 40 mph.

We spent the day learning basic knots and learning to take care of camp during a storm.  The weather was a big part of today’s lesson.  It has snowed about a foot and is still snowing as I’m sending this dispatch.

We all are staying busy and dry and doing well.  We’ll see what happens over night.  Will keep you posted.

RMI Guide Andres Marin


On The Map

Alaska Expedition Seminar: Marin & Team’s Snow School on the Glacier

Today we woke up with a deep blue sky and a 360-degree view.  The team slept well for our first night on the glacier.  After some coffee and breakfast, we all had the experience to try the CMCs which is one of the biggest novelties of the trip.

Once we were well fueled and ready to head out of camp, we traveled over to a slope close to camp and completed our snow school.  Lots of learning and reviewing made for a fun day on the glacier.

All and all a great day!

RMI Guide Andres Marin

On The Map

we have been thinking of you and glad to hear all is fine.  been warm here in CT and undoubtedly cold there - we’d both benefit from something in between.  most important, take care and stay safe.

Posted by: david areson on 5/17/2013 at 10:51 am

Alaska Expedition Seminar: Andres and Team Fly on to Glacier

We had the to opportunity to fly today, and get established in base camp. The flight over the Alaska Range was incredible, the group was totally stunned by the views. We built our camp and ate some delicious quesadillas that Garrett Stevens made. Then called it for the day. It is really cool at base camp right now. Time to rest and get ready for a great day tomorrow.

All best,

RMI Guide Andres Marin & The Expedition Seminar Team.

On The Map

Alaska Expedition Seminar: Marin & Team Prepare for Takeoff

Yesterday we all met at the Anchorage Airport, drove to Wasilla and bought some food before reaching our final destination of the day, Talkeetna.  Once we arrived and settled in, the group had the opportunity to check out Talkeetna and enjoy their great food.

Today we have a super busy day ahead of us.  Breakfast, check in with the National Park Service, pack our gear, and if weather permits, fly onto the Kahiltna Glacier and set up camp. Sounds simple but believe me it is a lot!  We are all very excited for the flight to the glacier.  In my opinion, it is one of the many highlights of climbing in the Alaska Range.

We will be checking in later on.

All best,
RMI Guide Andres Marin and the Alaska Expedition Seminar

On The Map

Have fun, be safe and come back in one piece Tyson! Love you :)

Posted by: Katherine on 5/15/2013 at 9:21 am

Be safe and enjoy the adventure! Hope the weather breaks a bit - Dan, springtime has finally arrived as we are enjoying some beautiful sunny 80 degree days here in Chicago! Be strong be healthy climbers - onwards and upwards! Love you Dan xoxo

Posted by: Kirsten Weber on 5/15/2013 at 8:27 am

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